Red Hat Enterprise Linux ELS (v. 3) General Advisories

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Type Severity Advisory Synopsis Date
Security Advisory Critical RHSA-2011:1853 Critical: krb5 security update 2011-12-28
Security Advisory Critical RHSA-2013:1063 Critical: php security update 2013-07-15
Security Advisory Critical RHSA-2013:1826 Critical: php security update 2013-12-12
Security Advisory Important RHSA-2011:0840 Important: dhcp security update 2011-05-31
Security Advisory Important RHSA-2011:1300 Important: httpd security update 2011-09-15
Security Advisory Important RHSA-2010:0882 Important: kernel security and bug fix update 2010-11-12
Security Advisory Important RHSA-2012:0522 Important: openssl security update 2012-04-25
Security Advisory Important RHSA-2012:0451 Important: rpm security update 2012-04-03
Security Advisory Important RHSA-2011:1349 Important: rpm security update 2011-10-03
Security Advisory Low RHSA-2013:1482 Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Extended Lifecycle Support 3-month Notice 2013-10-30
Security Advisory Low RHSA-2013:0210 Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 - 1-Year End Of Support Notice 2013-01-30
Security Advisory Low RHSA-2014:0131 Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Extended Life Cycle Support Retirement Notice 2014-02-04
Security Advisory Low RHSA-2013:1865 Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Extended Lifecycle Support 1-month Notice 2013-12-19
Security Advisory Low RHSA-2013:1126 Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Extended Lifecycle Support 6-Month Notice 2013-07-31
Bug Fix Advisory RHBA-2010:0941 rhnlib and up2date bug fix update 2010-12-06
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2012:1101 tzdata enhancement update 2012-07-19
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2012:0412 tzdata enhancement update 2012-03-23
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2012:0356 tzdata enhancement update 2012-03-20
Bug Fix Advisory RHBA-2014:0101 tzdata enhancement update 2014-01-28
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:0408 tzdata enhancement update 2011-04-01
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:0493 tzdata enhancement update 2011-05-06
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:1128 tzdata enhancement update 2011-08-08
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:0353 tzdata enhancement update 2011-03-11
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:0674 tzdata enhancement update 2013-03-22
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:0880 tzdata enhancement update 2013-05-30
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:1025 tzdata enhancement update 2013-07-09
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2012:1488 tzdata enhancement update 2012-11-26
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:0378 tzdata enhancement update 2011-03-23
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:0014 tzdata enhancement update 2011-01-11
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:0182 tzdata enhancement update 2013-01-23
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2012:0689 tzdata enhancement update 2012-05-23
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:0615 tzdata enhancement update 2013-03-08
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:1432 tzdata enhancement update 2013-10-16
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2013:1867 tzdata enhancement update 2013-12-20
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:1214 tzdata enhancement update 2011-08-29
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:1410 tzdata enhancement update 2011-10-27
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2012:1338 tzdata enhancement update 2012-10-04
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2011:1365 up2date enhancement update 2011-10-12
Enhancement Advisory RHEA-2010:0903 Virtio drivers for kernel 2.4.21-66.EL 2010-11-22