Security Advisory Important: bash Shift_JIS security update

Advisory: RHSA-2014:1312-2
Type: Security Advisory
Severity: Important
Issued on: 2014-09-26
Last updated on: 2014-09-30
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise S-JIS Service
CVEs ( CVE-2014-7169


[Updated September 30, 2014]
This advisory has been updated with information on restarting system
services after applying this update. No changes have been made to the
original packages.

Updated bash Shift_JIS packages that fix one security issue are now
available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having Important security
impact. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which
gives a detailed severity rating, is available from the CVE link in the
References section.

The GNU Bourne Again shell (Bash) is a shell and command language
interpreter compatible with the Bourne shell (sh). Bash is the default
shell for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Shift_JIS, also known as "SJIS", is a character encoding for the Japanese
language. This package provides bash support for the Shift_JIS encoding.

It was found that the fix for CVE-2014-6271 was incomplete, and Bash still
allowed certain characters to be injected into other environments via
specially crafted environment variables. An attacker could potentially use
this flaw to override or bypass environment restrictions to execute shell
commands. Certain services and applications allow remote unauthenticated
attackers to provide environment variables, allowing them to exploit this
issue. (CVE-2014-7169)

Applications which directly create bash functions as environment variables
need to be made aware of changes to the way names are handled by this
update. Note that certain services, screen sessions, and tmux sessions may
need to be restarted, and affected interactive users may need to re-login.
Installing these updated packages without restarting services will address
the vulnerability, but functionality may be impacted until affected
services are restarted. For more information see the Knowledgebase article

Note: Docker users are advised to use "yum update" within their containers,
and to commit the resulting changes.

For additional information on CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169, refer to the
aforementioned Knowledgebase article.

All users who require Shift_JIS encoding support with Bash built-in
functions are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which contain a
backported patch to correct this issue.


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the
Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise S-JIS Service

File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 57e1e6d2bed1d3a7ae34cfcf16e3d4ba
SHA-256: 50268de7e45894c66f7bac34cddfb8dee9dad22a9a5e0e65741e804094467512
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: baa26d35a77f7f14f793f81c3132c9c6
SHA-256: d1a4ec83022ba39600c708da646dfa307e51f6b07caf3bc98478c56a70776bd4
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 7c5da8ce0510c6d117d3fffb0ed56def
SHA-256: 75c6215c716b0fc3ff02b02f64a361a1f8fdec56125647f44cf801bb4dcf4be2
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: 65f0871ce652c194358a32f4ed614f11
SHA-256: 1501dbffb6ed9dfe4baf026736b86e24745498a5f08a98939596583794937988
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 3596b3aca65ab3b19728be556a565c29
SHA-256: 74004701c15f6e64a0c91ea12c9924e4ff626274d85616c47c9d6f42cc824dbe
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: 658018a8a7d2b01bd4fed14260d9d4d8
SHA-256: 7f94c67273b681116c82904f7d0844f2071006e842f15ba6e1f73b181ac16c2c
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: bfd2b512bb3892391afbb098321003ea
SHA-256: c0adb5167aa544537fe0054ee213fe8217b7f50c66b72a211d1d188726978d0c
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 7c5da8ce0510c6d117d3fffb0ed56def
SHA-256: 75c6215c716b0fc3ff02b02f64a361a1f8fdec56125647f44cf801bb4dcf4be2
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: eadf67d6edde41d6736fb2c7507aeaf3
SHA-256: 40d059cba800ed5b3394c1c22a578fa82e6d630dbb84b81741591e4a9836e9e4
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 3596b3aca65ab3b19728be556a565c29
SHA-256: 74004701c15f6e64a0c91ea12c9924e4ff626274d85616c47c9d6f42cc824dbe
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 0d05e4553dd8a2987cf758e32f476426
SHA-256: 426c9410e24beaedb95338c3f0b46f593b9416ceed22470efc4912b92cf67944
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: 20310eb0e54749355d9a839c154678bb
SHA-256: 225cbdc4ac4165fb4342dfcb22684ff5f48bb3d5b26177659b9ae892b5f596c4
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: 5d90717d835543ce007e3f4927ea6936
SHA-256: 2d3e2f65b11f8c290981b343954959bc8d5a30329350be4e59b05b9d9e34baad
File outdated by:  RHEA-2014:1991
    MD5: b31043902129c5f3516cc0f69f76f8fa
SHA-256: aef61ed793d078623271a15de58700b4d73c22013cd7412848991bad6a89784b
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: bf594134fbf4ce63002a4c5ce2eb5704
SHA-256: 257c26cc29c17c25bd1a2c48aecd22bf0476ea87d63441e61520df5b5d4b0e5f
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0471
    MD5: 85d7a1248b832d839b0469d525fa079a
SHA-256: 81cf6a10afb22ae23a778cf3004f388019f4be70971759c51e79c47364b87e48
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1146319 - CVE-2014-7169 bash: code execution via specially-crafted environment (Incomplete fix for CVE-2014-6271)


These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

The Red Hat security contact is More contact details at