Security Advisory Important: kernel security and bug fix update

Advisory: RHSA-2013:1195-1
Type: Security Advisory
Severity: Important
Issued on: 2013-09-03
Last updated on: 2013-09-03
Affected Products: Red Hat OpenStack 3.0
CVEs ( CVE-2012-6544


Updated kernel packages that fix multiple security issues and several bugs
are now available for Red Hat OpenStack 3.0.

The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having
important security impact. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base
scores, which give detailed severity ratings, are available for each
vulnerability from the CVE links in the References section.

Red Hat OpenStack 3.0 includes a custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4
kernel. These custom kernel packages include support for network
namespaces, this support is required to facilitate advanced OpenStack
Networking deployments.

This update fixes the following security issues:

* A flaw was found in the way the Linux kernel's Stream Control
Transmission Protocol (SCTP) implementation handled duplicate cookies. If a
local user queried SCTP connection information at the same time a remote
attacker has initialized a crafted SCTP connection to the system, it could
trigger a NULL pointer dereference, causing the system to crash.
(CVE-2013-2206, Important)

* An invalid free flaw was found in the Linux kernel's TCP/IP protocol
suite implementation. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to
corrupt kernel memory via crafted sendmsg() calls, allowing them to cause a
denial of service or, potentially, escalate their privileges on the system.
(CVE-2013-2224, Important)

* A flaw was found in the Linux kernel's Performance Events implementation.
On systems with certain Intel processors, a local, unprivileged user could
use this flaw to cause a denial of service by leveraging the perf subsystem
to write into the reserved bits of the OFFCORE_RSP_0 and OFFCORE_RSP_1
model-specific registers. (CVE-2013-2146, Moderate)

* An invalid pointer dereference flaw was found in the Linux kernel's
TCP/IP protocol suite implementation. A local, unprivileged user could use
this flaw to crash the system or, potentially, escalate their privileges on
the system by using sendmsg() with an IPv6 socket connected to an IPv4
destination. (CVE-2013-2232, Moderate)

* Information leak flaws in the Linux kernel's Bluetooth implementation
could allow a local, unprivileged user to leak kernel memory to user-space.
(CVE-2012-6544, Low)

* An information leak flaw in the Linux kernel could allow a privileged,
local user to leak kernel memory to user-space. (CVE-2013-2237, Low)

In addition, the following bugs and features have been addressed:
995409, 995125, 993251, 985838, 975974

More information on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 kernel packages upon
which these custom kernel packages are based is available in

All Red Hat OpenStack 3.0 users deploying the OpenStack Networking service
are advised to install these updated packages.


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

Details on how to use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are
available at

This Red Hat OpenStack 3.0 kernel may be installed by running this command
while logged in as the root user on a system that has the required
entitlements and subscriptions attached:

# yum install "kernel-2.6.*.openstack.el6.x86_64"

Documentation for both stable and preview releases of Red Hat OpenStack is
available at:

In particular it is highly recommended that all users read the Release
Notes document for the relevant Red Hat OpenStack release prior to

Updated packages

Red Hat OpenStack 3.0

File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 2a769721e3e1d6397c59dd5f2aebafc5
SHA-256: b643a498d2246cfef38021029ed39010d2831ce75443413aaaf664f21e104bff
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: dbbb561ce923567924cc42c321eb6820
SHA-256: 839ed666e61686a72d1ecb05282c7951ae2b7a9ab8655c5c8d7852d7c3fad869
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 3c491ded8de1c7bfd7e0af8485c9f2a7
SHA-256: 60a89361decffa598cff90de55d5467ac8670ca96cf9810f080587a486465ccf
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: ee9062f3c5c2863a06723d2f0591a8d7
SHA-256: 2a6a76c6d359c358b6a7a07c84d37075bb26191245ef7a6728416c5327626ef5
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: b977497d7185052290132c5b1c57361b
SHA-256: 7bd737cb84a1090e91ddc692b61e3fea818f8b80908ee367a82cc2222471933d
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 23c27d72ecf6ed1ffc1a232636d71726
SHA-256: 571661a7f55deb148d8cdf94374e9f39d62bcc8d762cc0e924435a8553ea5322
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 1f3d6d3b368a3d1f4bb6c4af8d5c4a98
SHA-256: 029a3e1d9c1d71a7e50eff892e02ba56ac5bffd69829c51d99e5078defca6640
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 95db78805ea69df247eb957ebaa726ab
SHA-256: 6bc2a9efb8cf01ad87c0ff932672bb0cdf7f783eae41f66a4c7c1f16b9edeeb3
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 547b4e652c99bf7cf4c74d0666deaea5
SHA-256: 5473051ca2b159617947d22ec08aaa2d419c817caccd2d65e951b405c9ae5616
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: a462f1b3d0a6a2a0fd2ca6e1356ebc4e
SHA-256: cf2db582b86ad31d186487e3ccd02e95e024c0a459ca052bb609b79000f2c9cb
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 562c844607d4a6a34e803accfa229399
SHA-256: a194d9ef4ffeab19d03418c598f5b7bf614803b1ba222fc5ce86515a769c38b0
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: d65e536658836006de3feb0ce6d6e247
SHA-256: ebbdd7ba1c65506c7e99ff81423c2df40163c9a47d90180a1418e4e7d326cac5
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: a7bd1a44d050baf25cfd6fba9fefdb8f
SHA-256: ba4c6102ef1f1d3b427195a734ba48a937b81b9562a43f1a038cbf231f5fad80
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: ba8218e0a9f87e1afb2ab3b87d809fff
SHA-256: 011219de9959a187e85faed6a1eab5060521391cbb982b6d53c4811f5081e02e
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:1520
    MD5: 110434d11cabda61ae84464b35c166d2
SHA-256: ecee0044d42cf6bfb4f6b9de1e7d006017fb932c210082b5c67a212909107b5d
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

922414 - CVE-2012-6544 Kernel: Bluetooth: HCI & L2CAP information leaks
971309 - CVE-2013-2146 Kernel: perf/x86: offcore_rsp valid mask for SNB/IVB
976562 - CVE-2013-2206 kernel: sctp: duplicate cookie handling NULL pointer dereference
979936 - CVE-2013-2224 kernel: net: IP_REPOPTS invalid free
981220 - CVE-2013-2237 Kernel: net: af_key: initialize satype in key_notify_policy_flush
981552 - CVE-2013-2232 Kernel: ipv6: using ipv4 vs ipv6 structure during routing lookup in sendmsg


These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

The Red Hat security contact is More contact details at