Security Advisory Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended Update Support 6.0 - End Of Life

Advisory: RHSA-2012:1514-1
Type: Security Advisory
Severity: Low
Issued on: 2012-12-03
Last updated on: 2012-12-03
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server EUS (v. 6.0.z)


This is the End of Life notification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extended
Update Support Add-On (EUS) 6.0.

In accordance with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata Support Policy, the
Extended Update Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 has ended.

Note: This does not impact you unless you are subscribed to the Extended
Update Support (EUS) channel for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0.

Details of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux life-cycle can be found on the Red
Hat website:


This advisory contains an updated redhat-release-server package that
provides a copy of this end of life notice in the "/usr/share/doc/"

Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server EUS (v. 6.0.z)

redhat-release-server-6Server-     MD5: 828d72784428617c09e87d80fe0d4862
SHA-256: 953eca0a8c1571a0010dd6533a522da33160966e566bdfea9f2192c9f4406497
redhat-release-server-6Server-     MD5: e041061d14dfbebc96beaf18a40c18c8
SHA-256: 0e4f3573d9a97e3a8e663f17c959fae4147da68d9d7693dd17ba914bb1bf0169
redhat-release-server-6Server-     MD5: abfca95d953024d36cb28a673ebb064b
SHA-256: 0bcd5c018d21d4933b6b05098d3a25e7e898e2d5d50146d1cdf8756add94f57d
redhat-release-server-6Server-     MD5: b2ab8d62912faa19e78c52ba63cc186a
SHA-256: 0be293d9ed14efd5f0d436764be65280740db841e14edc94ae3473e92bfe0629
redhat-release-server-6Server-     MD5: 18425acff6d32e3ab17ba17f1604c3d8
SHA-256: 1344f14679c1f4f500eb4103ebf6f7284e04c73f5615d7200a936b94e3eb625c
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