Security Advisory Important: kernel-rt security, bug fix, and enhancement update

Advisory: RHSA-2009:1540-1
Type: Security Advisory
Severity: Important
Issued on: 2009-11-03
Last updated on: 2009-11-03
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise MRG v1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 5)
CVEs ( CVE-2009-1895


Updated kernel-rt packages that fix several security issues, multiple bugs,
and add enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise MRG 1.1.

This update has been rated as having important security impact by the Red
Hat Security Response Team.

The kernel-rt packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux
operating system.

Security fixes:

* the ADDR_COMPAT_LAYOUT and MMAP_PAGE_ZERO flags were not cleared when a
setuid or setgid program was executed. A local, unprivileged user could use
this flaw to bypass the mmap_min_addr protection mechanism and perform a
NULL pointer dereference attack, or bypass the Address Space Layout
Randomization (ASLR) security feature. (CVE-2009-1895, Important)

* a system with SELinux enforced was more permissive in allowing local
users in the unconfined_t domain to map low memory areas even if the
mmap_min_addr restriction was enabled. This could aid in the local
exploitation of NULL pointer dereference bugs. (CVE-2009-2695, Important)

* missing initialization flaws were found in getname() implementations in
numerous network protocol implementations in the Linux kernel. Certain
data structures in these getname() implementations were not initialized
properly before being copied to user-space. These flaws could lead to an
information leak. (CVE-2009-3002, Important)

* a NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in each of the following
functions in the Linux kernel: pipe_read_open(), pipe_write_open(), and
pipe_rdwr_open(). When the mutex lock is not held, the i_pipe pointer could
be released by other processes before it is used to update the pipe's
reader and writer counters. This could lead to a local denial of service or
privilege escalation. (CVE-2009-3547, Important)

* a flaw was found in the Realtek r8169 Ethernet driver in the Linux
kernel. pci_unmap_single() presented a memory leak that could lead to IOMMU
space exhaustion and a system crash. An attacker on the local network could
abuse this flaw by using jumbo frames for large amounts of network traffic.
(CVE-2009-3613, Important)

* NULL pointer dereference flaws were found in the r128 driver in the
Linux kernel. Checks to test if the Concurrent Command Engine state was
initialized were missing in private IOCTL functions. An attacker could use
these flaws to cause a local denial of service or escalate their
privileges. (CVE-2009-3620, Important)

* Kees Cook and Steve Beattie discovered a race condition in the /proc
code in the Linux kernel. This could lead to information in the
"/proc/[pid]/maps" and "/proc/[pid]/smaps" files being leaked to users (who
would otherwise not have access to this information) during ELF loading.
This could help a local attacker bypass the ASLR security feature.
(CVE-2009-2691, Moderate)

* a NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in the md driver in the Linux
kernel. If the suspend_lo or suspend_hi file in "/sys/" is modified when
the disk array is inactive, it could lead to a local denial of service or
privilege escalation. By default, only root can write to these two files.
(CVE-2009-2849, Moderate)

* an information leak was found in the Linux kernel. On AMD64 systems,
32-bit processes could access and read certain 64-bit registers by
temporarily switching themselves to 64-bit mode. (CVE-2009-2910, Moderate)

* padding data in several core network structures was not initialized
properly before being sent to user-space, possibly leading to information
leaks. (CVE-2009-3228, CVE-2009-3612, Moderate)

* the unix_stream_connect() function in the Linux kernel did not check if a
UNIX domain socket was in the shutdown state. This could lead to a
deadlock. A local, unprivileged user could use this flaw to cause a denial
of service. (CVE-2009-3621, Moderate)

These updated packages also include bug fixes and enhancements. Users are
directed to the Realtime Security Update Release Notes for version 1.1 for
information on these changes, which will be available shortly from:

Users should upgrade to these updated packages, which contain backported
patches to correct these issues and add enhancements. The system must be
rebooted for this update to take effect.


Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released
errata relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via Red Hat Network. Details on how to use
the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise MRG v1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (version 5)

File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: b1c29fea30792cd31e5ccb733cc0e88a
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 5086427203d48411e419ad9da237b571
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 1f57b9a794babdddaa2ed34f3e00d916
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: b845acefc0e6162477e608142191a58c
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 179337a692d92b0f0599c06058dc3dc4
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 0703429bbb21394ea97dd1c50f56a5ff
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 94657bbf1caf0bcf43ca0340525dacb3
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 4bef9cfaa59ae4692674c9dee84bb530
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 8d65dd2c7c06cc195b65e2d3ec2f4c5a
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 855dc5e5150251f81fb7e6236cd2cdf9
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 2f8380cc7cdd0154b218d52bb7a5cbc0
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 7d88acebc6fc98323d76bb64533c2bb1
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: f5069c291ea27fb280509c8c07df3f57
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: e1c5a1ba22868eaab02541908d40f34a
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 0703429bbb21394ea97dd1c50f56a5ff
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 39f7c10ebb25f4764adbbeb1742a5fe4
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: b2b9c5ed7bd0a66dee2ad579e812ed97
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: f544470a118b4a74684d0c86aeffe151
File outdated by:  RHBA-2013:0927
    MD5: 33411ac99788785ce2967a76d60d96b0
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

511171 - CVE-2009-1895 kernel: personality: fix PER_CLEAR_ON_SETID
516171 - CVE-2009-2691 kernel: /proc/$pid/maps visible during initial setuid ELF loading
517830 - CVE-2009-2695 kernel: SELinux and mmap_min_addr
518132 - CVE-2009-2849 kernel: md: NULL pointer deref when accessing suspend_* sysfs attributes
518160 - [FOCUS] Boot hang with x3950 using MRG's -108 kernel
519305 - CVE-2009-3001, CVE-2009-3002 kernel: numerous getname() infoleaks
520990 - CVE-2009-3228 kernel: tc: uninitialised kernel memory leak
521999 - ip_tables: connlimit match: invalid size 32 != 24
522359 - MRG 1.1 SMI remeidation support for HS22 and Rackmounts
522501 - Turn off IPX protocol module
522503 - Turn off AppleTalk protocol module in realtime kernel
523986 - kernel: ipt_recent: sanity check hit count [mrg-1]
526788 - CVE-2009-2910 kernel: x86_64 32 bit process register leak
528139 - FTRACE: check for failure for all conversions, tracing: correct module boundaries for ftrace_release
528868 - CVE-2009-3612 kernel: tcf_fill_node() infoleak due to typo in 9ef1d4c7
529137 - CVE-2009-3613 kernel: flood ping cause out-of-iommu error and panic when mtu larger than 1500
529597 - CVE-2009-3620 kernel: r128 IOCTL NULL pointer dereferences when CCE state is uninitialised
529626 - CVE-2009-3621 kernel: AF_UNIX: Fix deadlock on connecting to shutdown socket
530490 - CVE-2009-3547 kernel: fs: pipe.c null pointer dereference


These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

The Red Hat security contact is More contact details at