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Bug Fix Advisory rgmanager bug fix update

Advisory: RHBA-2012:0066-1
Type: Bug Fix Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2012-01-30
Last updated on: 2012-01-30
Affected Products: RHEL Clustering (v. 5 server)


An updated rgmanager package that fixes one bug is now available for Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5.

The rgmanager package contains the Red Hat Resource Group Manager, which
provides the ability to create and manage high-availability server applications
in the event of system downtime.

This update fixes the following bug:

* Previously, rgmanager inappropriately called the rg_wait_threads() function
during cluster reconfiguration. This could lead to an internal deadlock in
rgmanager which caused the cluster services to become unresponsive. This
irrelevant call has been removed from the code and deadlocks now no longer occur
during cluster reconfiguration. (BZ#759542)

All users of rgmanager are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which
fixes this bug.


Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via Red Hat Network. Details on how to use the Red
Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Updated packages

RHEL Clustering (v. 5 server)

File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1207
    MD5: 8f8e8573b2730d122ddb99502b363719
SHA-256: 89f467b5ee5354f7db80895b5f52d3f6d74dc107b40a0276e10e76f9714272fe
File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1207
    MD5: bcb54f991f05ef6a763991893daf2d97
SHA-256: 76986be8274d77ca9314559d2e85f4e045e8462c87a622b531d592a0d181fc77
File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1207
    MD5: 75d2879430976ce9d733b3c866951f2c
SHA-256: e3181fb56f7871be929871b0e74e92fceb9bfe066d24b8975bd8c04ada652a1f
File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1207
    MD5: 30e61946bc1be9ee7753d2a17e6967be
SHA-256: c095ee0678bb637c445f1c31e821a15974aab57f5e09fd436726084987de49d8
File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1207
    MD5: 212d9aea5646747c8d945318ea5345fd
SHA-256: ca69cd2b9fefcadec7e2d236b367593a1dfe58679e02af895a4d84170625522a
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

The Red Hat security contact is More contact details at