Security Advisory Moderate: jboss-remoting security update

Advisory: RHSA-2013:1374-2
Type: Security Advisory
Severity: Moderate
Issued on: 2013-09-30
Last updated on: 2013-09-30
Affected Products:
CVEs ( CVE-2013-4210


An update for the JBoss Remoting component of Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform
5.3.1 GA that fixes one security issue is now available from the Red Hat
Customer Portal.

The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having moderate
security impact. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score,
which gives a detailed severity rating, is available from the CVE link in
the References section.

JBoss Remoting is a framework for building distributed applications in

A denial of service flaw was found in the implementation of the
org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread class in JBoss Remoting.
An attacker could use this flaw to exhaust all available file descriptors
on the target server, preventing legitimate connections. Note that to
exploit this flaw remotely, the remoting port must be exposed directly or
indirectly (for example, deploying a public facing application that uses
JBoss Remoting could indirectly expose this flaw). (CVE-2013-4210)

This issue was discovered by James Livingston of the Red Hat Support
Engineering Group.

All users of Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform 5.3.1 GA as provided from the Red
Hat Customer Portal are advised to apply this update.


The References section of this erratum contains a download link (you must
log in to download the update). Before applying the update, back up your
existing Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform installation (including its databases,
applications, configuration files, and so on).

Note that it is recommended to halt the Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform server
by stopping the JBoss Application Server process before installing this
update, and then after installing the update, restart the Red Hat JBoss SOA
Platform server by starting the JBoss Application Server process.

Updated packages

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

994321 - CVE-2013-4210 JBoss Remoting: DoS by file descriptor exhaustion


These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

The Red Hat security contact is More contact details at