Security Advisory Critical: java-1.6.0-sun security update

Advisory: RHSA-2009:1560-1
Type: Security Advisory
Severity: Critical
Issued on: 2009-11-09
Last updated on: 2009-11-09
Affected Products: RHEL Desktop Supplementary (v. 5 client)
RHEL Supplementary (v. 5 server)
RHEL Supplementary EUS (v. 5.4.z server)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras (v. 4)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras (v. 4.8.z)
CVEs ( CVE-2009-2409


Updated java-1.6.0-sun packages that correct several security issues are
now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Extras and 5 Supplementary.

This update has been rated as having critical security impact by the Red
Hat Security Response Team.

The Sun 1.6.0 Java release includes the Sun Java 6 Runtime Environment and
the Sun Java 6 Software Development Kit.

This update fixes several vulnerabilities in the Sun Java 6 Runtime
Environment and the Sun Java 6 Software Development Kit. These
vulnerabilities are summarized on the "Advance notification of Security
Updates for Java SE" page from Sun Microsystems, listed in the References
section. (CVE-2009-2409, CVE-2009-3728, CVE-2009-3729, CVE-2009-3865,
CVE-2009-3866, CVE-2009-3867, CVE-2009-3868, CVE-2009-3869, CVE-2009-3871,
CVE-2009-3872, CVE-2009-3873, CVE-2009-3874, CVE-2009-3875, CVE-2009-3876,
CVE-2009-3877, CVE-2009-3879, CVE-2009-3880, CVE-2009-3881, CVE-2009-3882,
CVE-2009-3883, CVE-2009-3884, CVE-2009-3886)

Users of java-1.6.0-sun should upgrade to these updated packages, which
correct these issues. All running instances of Sun Java must be restarted
for the update to take effect.


Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released
errata relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via Red Hat Network. Details on how to use
the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Updated packages

(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

510197 - CVE-2009-2409 deprecate MD2 in SSL cert validation (Kaminsky)
530053 - CVE-2009-3873 OpenJDK JPEG Image Writer quantization problem (6862968)
530057 - CVE-2009-3875 OpenJDK MessageDigest.isEqual introduces timing attack vulnerabilities (6863503)
530061 - CVE-2009-3876 OpenJDK ASN.1/DER input stream parser denial of service (6864911) CVE-2009-3877
530062 - CVE-2009-3869 OpenJDK JRE AWT setDifflCM stack overflow (6872357)
530063 - CVE-2009-3871 OpenJDK JRE AWT setBytePixels heap overflow (6872358)
530067 - CVE-2009-3874 OpenJDK ImageI/O JPEG heap overflow (6874643)
530098 - CVE-2009-3728 OpenJDK ICC_Profile file existence detection information leak (6631533)
530173 - CVE-2009-3881 OpenJDK resurrected classloaders can still have children (6636650)
530175 - CVE-2009-3882 CVE-2009-3883 OpenJDK information leaks in mutable variables (6657026,6657138)
530296 - CVE-2009-3880 OpenJDK UI logging information leakage(6664512)
530297 - CVE-2009-3879 OpenJDK GraphicsConfiguration information leak(6822057)
530300 - CVE-2009-3884 OpenJDK zoneinfo file existence information leak (6824265)
532904 - CVE-2009-3729 JRE TrueType font parsing crash (6815780)
532906 - CVE-2009-3872 JRE JPEG JFIF Decoder issue (6862969)
532914 - CVE-2009-3886 JRE REGRESSION:have problem to run JNLP app and applets with signed Jar files (6870531)
533211 - CVE-2009-3865 java-1.6.0-sun: ACE in JRE Deployment Toolkit (6869752)
533212 - CVE-2009-3866 java-1.6.0-sun: Privilege escalation in the Java Web Start Installer (6872824)
533214 - CVE-2009-3867 java-1.5.0-sun, java-1.6.0-sun: Stack-based buffer overflow via a long file: URL argument (6854303)
533215 - CVE-2009-3868 java-1.5.0-sun, java-1.6.0-sun: Privilege escalation via crafted image file due improper color profiles parsing (6862970)


These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

The Red Hat security contact is More contact details at