Enhancement Advisory new packages: preupgrade-assistant

Advisory: RHEA-2017:0524-1
Type: Product Enhancement Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2017-03-15
Last updated on: 2017-03-15
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server)


New preupgrade-assistant packages are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Preupgrade Assistant is a set of scripts and plug-ins that can assess your
system before upgrading to the next major version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
It checks for removed packages, packages with partially incompatible
replacements, changes in libraries, users and groups, and various services. It
then produces a report which assists you in performing the upgrade itself by
outlining potential problem areas and offering suggestions about mitigating any
possible incompatibilities. In addition, Preupgrade Assistant helps you install
a new major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is as similar as possible
to your previous system. It also provides post-upgrade scripts which will help
you finish migration after the installation of a newer Red Hat Enterprise Linux

This enhancement update adds the preupgrade-assistant packages to Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5. (BZ#1369222)

All users who require preupgrade-assistant are advised to install these new


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

For details on how to apply this update, refer to:


Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server)

preupgrade-assistant-2.3.1-2.el5_11.src.rpm     MD5: c2d3dd3fceba705c5a553cbab9d81acb
SHA-256: e903fb36c0d1d1947182b4fa18f6ba5743be163bb20c65be658efdd7cc9b1ce9
preupgrade-assistant-2.3.1-2.el5_11.noarch.rpm     MD5: c877add2fecdc55cf3ff588fb1d692ca
SHA-256: 1459eccb1365e8ac97478f2f609226c9d36fcd7e4e5001ae5da14cde03fc3167
preupgrade-assistant-tools-2.3.1-2.el5_11.noarch.rpm     MD5: 8ed71be9e1f6ce72f43f27172903746a
SHA-256: 9cd469ee958bac7a6f2adf0bcf5048c3bfdbd2804ad7da4c1031f42e8867b636
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