Enhancement Advisory Red Hat Storage 2.1 enhancement and bug fix update #2

Advisory: RHEA-2014:0208-1
Type: Product Enhancement Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2014-02-25
Last updated on: 2014-02-25
Affected Products: Red Hat Storage Management Console 2.1
Red Hat Storage Native Client
Red Hat Storage Server 2.1


Updated glusterfs, gluster-swift, nfs-ganesha, ovirt-engine, rhsc-sdk, rhsc-cli,
redhat-access-plugin, rhsc-branding, rhsc-log-collector, rhevm-dependencies,
rhevm-setup-plugins, vdsm, and samba packages that fix numerous bugs and add
various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Storage 2.1.

Red Hat Storage Server is a software only, scale-out storage solution that
provides flexible and agile unstructured data storage for the enterprise.

This errata contains several updated Red Hat Storage Server packages including
numerous bug fixes and enhancements in NFS, SWIFT, and Red Hat Storage Console.
With this update, Red Hat Storage Console is now fully supported. It also
introduces NFS Ganesha which is in Technology Preview. Space precludes
documenting all of these changes in this advisory. Users are directed to the Red
Hat Storage 2.1 Technical Notes for information on the most significant of these


Users of Red Hat Storage are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which
fix these bugs and add these enhancements.

Users of Red Hat Storage Console (technology preview version) are advised to
uninstall their existing installation and perform a fresh installation of the
fully supported product as an upgrade from technology preview version is not


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

Updated packages

Red Hat Storage Management Console 2.1

otopi-1.1.2-1.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: 2f72175d66712114fc94d5acd317ddb1
SHA-256: f2e25051dc467dbc28ac495a5464daaf84b1d8b7d8fc314ac111a34a7bf4ae91
ovirt-host-deploy-1.1.2-1.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: 9938674215ba641f1e6bad9c7d439117
SHA-256: 73dc1cddb80b3e93ea4e269672649fcb6d0d52801bc2be0308a6f36286cdd034
redhat-access-plugin-rhsc-2.1.2-3.el6rhs.src.rpm     MD5: 4b1a7b068e5bef9ae7c26dfba50b6504
SHA-256: c87cca846f5929b9f620f4ead27a6fe9465d482db37e821786b86ee456c5999e
rhevm-branding-rhev-3.3.0-1.2.rc.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: c1cf35974ee832ff8e73e197bfbbb0ca
SHA-256: 8f877a2c88eef46307416d90a52b51d1fe6ef34f81fda4b7757ea1ec4b7ef2b5
rhevm-dependencies-3.3.5-1.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: 11b4e8a1f3c3863a4498bd25225d8d9b
SHA-256: 728250bda0805662e089019af58bbc01ec6617517d8b104a79d47b0352f4ce8e
rhevm-setup-plugins-3.3.0-4.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: 76a8f882799679d863c41f3e1d784c21
SHA-256: e42a5e4bfa59531d4aa2e6e335a5be308ca7f23ca02c67998e61233db55abcc2
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: 755c812c8226840f2c6bb462a6711ca3
SHA-256: 8a3f3e5fea40a7ee684caeb62044c06f504a47062b015a92d05069ac49ec4ca4
File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1723
    MD5: f9c91ada7e7b4850cf9322e9e563609c
SHA-256: 5ec7faa40ffd8c46bcd20d160cf866a683bea24b5339cd6be5a9d2d4f0e46370
rhsc-cli-     MD5: 2e88bd4469e3f02bcf1fd92e53383e12
SHA-256: cff09ee186068bc534f913ebfd5e1fa98e85bdb8fc9a515fcd475f1d0bd43f68
rhsc-doc-2.1.2-9.el6eng.src.rpm     MD5: 11bd25b1ef4bf6d5abd4948f7662636c
SHA-256: 45a9f3f7d4fdde29159a08828777e6901d1ae30da394a9a0b516ad058876c0d4
rhsc-log-collector-     MD5: 4f6de7b9b98974f5d935314ca16793e5
SHA-256: 65238fe49ddee09023c02f08180d242041a127aba9d9de02924053f48546974c
rhsc-sdk-python-     MD5: af7e89771d92e41f1ff601c71edf917e
SHA-256: 5d6335689ae8c4a62eccc7ca3fd01fc59c6498bc9b3e89f44df415c7c9a975c3
otopi-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 5907a908d81fc286b25082610269bd7a
SHA-256: 039743e9d8410ace5793b19d3ee8589b5bbaba3b8cd89e7aeb36952d463a5d43
otopi-devel-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 3c65dcf7f7bd792ab668aec5ff03d6d4
SHA-256: 3248a9fedbe22135ffa52acbd0d704ebf8ee23b221d51be97bbd839bc5b26e39
otopi-java-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: a81001cbe2d738ec13930d54f1027994
SHA-256: 07429d318d9ce387e36c5d1c08c2f3af8c4ada219c8e3569d21e30ba8589d401
otopi-repolib-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 6577d0d7fdd2d11656e160c3d0de6d57
SHA-256: 3d095f6d99e47a2d269a000a8a1000c43d9fd644344c5ca6a2d589635716cd2d
ovirt-host-deploy-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 0fdb305ce9325f8d1716d63189841099
SHA-256: 15bcd947f7d7a3419b4bb89b921649fd88afe5513894559b1d9b309f8c758cee
ovirt-host-deploy-java-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: e0e6356a5bad5a4736b65483826899a6
SHA-256: b8b05f769720dca0848cfa9d37111e4419fcadc100b20b98fab93d86f45f0260
ovirt-host-deploy-repolib-1.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: db6a61b248d7dcdba12c7964fb40a4f9
SHA-256: f7ec3acbc42354a3f56fb5e920c5776d0da4b466b027b68c65522c94defe7d60
redhat-access-plugin-rhsc-2.1.2-3.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 1a10117e7a803fb97a73358debb93d27
SHA-256: 10455a5f2a313ccd2b1ccb97e69cd0f3f039307471a67dbf6cc51e76b2ba0ed7
rhevm-branding-rhev-3.3.0-1.2.rc.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: b9f84bbfbe04f2bce3b27f857749c062
SHA-256: f17b202c15244a515efc68fff2a032d02ece63144ef5d572228f48d9f33a896c
rhevm-dependencies-3.3.5-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: bb6c940fb690d876a45097e3fc3db7ef
SHA-256: 50c2f17eb4715691a1eaa51d0c9f98c1fdc80059f3c6fb08623b33703a990679
rhevm-setup-plugins-3.3.0-4.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 018939b17ec10d1de565b0caa998bc8a
SHA-256: 12e81eb8c0087d87d7851fae60f05c608fbb212a87635278a4ed660b13314ad8
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: f6a9a35d8370025db6707701cf769a89
SHA-256: d31716ca612c255191af4c6c3ebb1bfb3f154e132b78675e9f781bb1101ceddd
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: 6d30bba8953b175b8951a9e3409c967d
SHA-256: 702a8ca971f027b929b13e171fcc7e0cbd50b6eef370378a44a929f41f070c20
File outdated by:  RHBA-2014:1723
    MD5: 5858f665688fc6f0c602810de2c2a4c1
SHA-256: 7a38e8fae256394705e6111652d1f6dd0a25d8fdc3d98befbd9ec75a9c1cb20e
rhsc-cli-     MD5: 6deb80dc829a49ae8a1a7913115f33c9
SHA-256: 5b24c6586c939eb1cac70b942e96662efa7cc47216619548b8c6144f731fdfef
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: c98da783d8b28e5fee70ec8e404d4221
SHA-256: c6528643ba66697ab08d088d8d4453f28bcdddeb389aa0b0bbf610384dbcfd01
rhsc-doc-2.1.2-9.el6eng.noarch.rpm     MD5: f122b90e5f67559c97af0ccdc5b18e7a
SHA-256: dce0a69f289a40e0c84312a1437d734ba2edaffa6226988ee0bf1d7ad7ec3601
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: 241ad04a1cf7dd18023504329c4e719e
SHA-256: 0871811eb4cb0f9a81511b977cc46e11e411f87b8327f239a2d87eec2b051d82
rhsc-log-collector-     MD5: 9135ce6a49d3d7c7ba0999522db95987
SHA-256: 5e139325d9eb4cebb4659e1369f6c6737dca71bbd4e969f007da2d76d8d799da
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: 424bf000339d69f6b7bf9b50414d0b96
SHA-256: 69ce5f94f46cb443156e353b3a4901fb5a5da5930e58e89b9878d5a65472ff5e
rhsc-sdk-python-     MD5: 45c91e27682d9537cd0efc42cce3cb5f
SHA-256: b0dabadf877d418629b0bdfdaec7e98c88c503877f49035db8b7e9810ecaebf1
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: b185b0d9bb0f31250c4dccfbcaab1d7b
SHA-256: b87f74daa5d7eda064f07cd46cc2acb28fc9a6788d0bf29fb5ac57668da2e11e
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: 5da7f20838a02c9f83133336091cfc2b
SHA-256: 3582c96588ef79b5875128b65a82d9707d5b2746d2b7878435a10218bb0a19ed
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0096
    MD5: 5f5ca1f0681149205f56e867d203f349
SHA-256: d93899961326ee86a9cd38e401c6209eab26df21c6280ae144566d217df74a26
Red Hat Storage Native Client

File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: 1d84bec04da42dd4e8a2dc91a9e4b113
SHA-256: d7cc6281ee9b978884c48052ea1a8a76e5aa5666af7edc9fe7065e1bc161cb44
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: 641ff681eb2f05244d17dedb13be726b
SHA-256: 601cdfd9a59703389a64c6d8c1546cd4bde1391020b7944f72d3d2b52dba3426
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: 8ff724ec2707036cc0c26318d365c146
SHA-256: a6f86c78ad4d1e06d508c5501c42e8f347a2819795ebb3836585c18ead7c1ae6
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: c50af2ef9fb767c760552854f1072442
SHA-256: 06afa9da9b7bc51e737dad0f557fd4ac2492a04f73e63ed26ce4264228dbc7c1
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: 39d07d79f613c02831c61c9e0e801386
SHA-256: 15418832bba3c52b9855c15f1cbab70cf84e4f573f2359f27e0f0f2336f3bd51
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: 5837070bb6c97276fa5f4c7a841d567a
SHA-256: 80a5007e8ca87f6b5a3a027de5d26a6f41328ee5eada8f5ab202c0b3eac3abeb
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: 43510033396b376b8644568fa5527140
SHA-256: d633c415ce8d60ba9c798a10bb77e408425699f8fa3f1f04639d35aa6f890768
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: f07040e8c2ecf5b354ff3ed2caa0fbd5
SHA-256: c6b5072ccb0b36ee76f6d59e803f74ff54d0401cd91d8681dcd9afce3c7a4744
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: bdf71ae3d77de047c91c1bad01a728b1
SHA-256: df9b7c3b01325d8c4ff7599193391b5813268e37e85c7ca8f1a3481ff66e2e8d
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: 472be234cf51c24c545c77681fe5917d
SHA-256: 7e3d49b71d07c023f2407de7fceeaf6ba3d21dab0e19e30ff7fb8a11495074c1
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: ecb33adcf151da86c3efc81ba4ba985d
SHA-256: 02f65347a750c94af0a31425558a52c7d37c680d052742a98b97d937e4287f70
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: d2c926474f9504a08d0c7211b00d46d4
SHA-256: 6b25e010d245041890817317039246a1adbe76716b868423d22396743503fda4
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: 7bca875afcceb510810135ed406eae9a
SHA-256: 0f0f95635074dc5aa4641dbe025ac3c3c915820a8e1ba58fc999c5a429fb6a66
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: 7a31cfe45aa9885debbb845ab2d17316
SHA-256: d4b47245f61f1387bd1d7f30ea97e9658ed2acb8885c9db95c9f4b32b9e51ca9
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: 8fce65c6d7afcaaaf46797706700808e
SHA-256: 134101107d9c6b2ce6dd7e5bcde2455059cf5845cde70214da7b247b29ffbfc5
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: 3aa5de86d778b3f093aaa5a43505aae5
SHA-256: 857dfabda17aa7f6c1073850831afa77dd545809beff0a7e823ff57e653aa827
File outdated by:  RHEA-2017:0487
    MD5: c48446a9fb084d28d14712bc8b1befce
SHA-256: d4d99a1cecaeefd698c35939258c75ad1772345077b74393bb6006c9ec5470fc
File outdated by:  RHBA-2017:1419
    MD5: 766ffbe842a95f40fe13f39170e7633e
SHA-256: 1f2f5a1bca4aedb9fd28de1b78103b2701ab21f10af90a521a3a6d51831fc46f
Red Hat Storage Server 2.1

gluster-swift-1.10.0-2.el6rhs.src.rpm     MD5: 63c830109fdd0f6aed04aba0f67f9531
SHA-256: 74e30cd705b98e5980293013e53f8af093b64a89d3405aaf0d464d7189847bf8
gluster-swift-plugin-1.10.0-5.el6rhs.src.rpm     MD5: 330d6979ff6bbed2f144b852b7414996
SHA-256: 41fb0c6bf447922046c4aebdc0888304d3f39423002c5455b454cf030221d83c
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: d4e823584c345d5fd543c9c24c2c9353
SHA-256: 14ebec266b94aa8ea9559f28672aae69dac2ca07570abc8b044c1d926476be78
nfs-ganesha-     MD5: 0bd3a28e55bdb3863f3ef3f8afcc9910
SHA-256: 96eff37dff90956ce981d943188b735ae587a0673d2fe0c49f6265c9cdb24449
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0752
    MD5: 1176d700e0f0a7a77628c83fe380e069
SHA-256: 72b869b44e62ec539a56a9597470bb6c4c7cd7f54cfd6bed5cd3072e76057147
perl-WWW-Curl-4.09-3.el6.src.rpm     MD5: e93157f49be36b7a70baa97a7dd08ca5
SHA-256: d81c7f8069634501ce416f84deba0d1ca976e2b840d282973823e5246c1c0240
pyOpenSSL-0.13.1-1.el6ost.src.rpm     MD5: 5ac71e46b036a7be1007cd698781b121
SHA-256: 74fb4e467b43e0e31e40e993b14b295c688c74b1e64881e5da7d012dd2f90f3d
python-d2to1-0.2.10-1.el6.src.rpm     MD5: 88c3b678b8009ff72dc63ce403329fba
SHA-256: 5cba208391d90559e6affe4aef23192f6113d857b55e575817933f1b5f5bcbc5
python-inotify-0.9.1-1.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: 8e0c382f36553dcdc79c551edb0cfddd
SHA-256: 2fc30f937953135f9d50e45d6a5dde9ffb63ef8acdd6774a7c36b2f5b7ee0f62
python-iso8601-0.1.8-1.el6ost.src.rpm     MD5: ece0874a69e5df5b5c4cc172e057a244
SHA-256: 4357b6aa8e0c360a26fe0d4914713ca44e1f6aec3c22026aa602b3e20bd20b81
File outdated by:  RHSA-2014:0409
    MD5: 93fd6d0dc3321ecd2093f98245a0d720
SHA-256: 83603882d36406d874d3a8b622db8ae2bf171816ca22596631df4aa5d6255050
python-memcached-1.53-1.el6ost.src.rpm     MD5: 4cd8965470e53b3c28b4f8cc52ec4ffb
SHA-256: fc9d970e1b88d59677ff32ca4818864f7fe7c32628d56db02f104ed479891105
python-oslo-config-1.2.1-1.el6ost.src.rpm     MD5: e32ccf15a78726aa7c263d47ad9d22f5
SHA-256: 51c2e831ba144411725eeca81ccbeffc0f650d1f5de36c16dda4e0c596f9c8e3
python-pthreading-0.1.2-1.el6ev.src.rpm     MD5: 3df81eccd23dd29f8f6b2e9bd6d7a296
SHA-256: 1296d4503fb9f2dcc7c68208b9fb12ea640618e27c80a85c1b93d04e1ede3d94
python-swiftclient-1.8.0-1.el6ost.src.rpm     MD5: aa2ea315fd5237ddb59037047f7f4bd7
SHA-256: 5d9c9131a5d62db771af4ff266696c67585d715ea79d274d7645b9bf4ea8895d
python-urllib3-1.5-5.1.2.el6.src.rpm     MD5: 38aeea92e1fb3236b70ad6fc4fd5db43
SHA-256: 9e4dfd6a078fad982e1f0b5f724b77de8f2c961585df997375ef66e2c51b6072
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 752f49f1c4120fe17e5ac12aa95d91e1
SHA-256: 16c8acacb76167cd8f7e5c0da03c93d9ebd648ad427d9183e633fab03c0a3940
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 2e7bb0c41a556059269a0c9cdaec9157
SHA-256: cb24ab1cb716c5eafefd59e913a2e7e1bef6790116383763271885c8eb5ea02a
vdsm-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.src.rpm     MD5: 57fe431f263c5fb9fc813252b1ed5550
SHA-256: 1a95221b4a4fa942abed8b5a6fc251c42cc423a6a8ac2236b07aa69f2c9b1d4f
gluster-swift-1.10.0-2.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: de27e502b565d73d4d849cf3d439226b
SHA-256: c44d9131d53ded3378ec004d9f4d087ca7461b93d9293421335d2a13669e904a
gluster-swift-account-1.10.0-2.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: aeddcda807cde6f97b7d2c61c4135c5c
SHA-256: 61cd62e802e7e7bdd37aa7a9dcb34521fefec4734868626872b75f22640eba57
gluster-swift-container-1.10.0-2.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 419cc5664451c933ad898e7f6c21df45
SHA-256: c1639afe0b111e42a93cca78f44a305742e5bbb54659306160e1f7ffadaa88d3
gluster-swift-object-1.10.0-2.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 6a9792138b5fb77daec25bd2307b65b5
SHA-256: 5d7b953ed877395029b28f49a4a5b2d4a731e7d1615e8438b30ec39859193ca5
gluster-swift-plugin-1.10.0-5.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 1ef38d2c34a75bc19119d82819b9d7c3
SHA-256: 7da0ee403d00cbcaf5faccfd5939d02e421521b5abd8692c39d569cb1238de07
gluster-swift-proxy-1.10.0-2.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: b89316ec8e379b0693d90e97942c7545
SHA-256: 9ded4ceb4efcc911a5d465021f06d7913bbeb77818441b3d8811707fe55a0fd1
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 74040e8754680eeb87cfafc4d62f739c
SHA-256: 8365feb081f53e8d4b1a48857df04079a2ecd2aef7ba6cc0639d6686ba25e221
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 1e7370fdfc31dcfb8a230aad78bc0cbc
SHA-256: 15efe0377a58d23764a2df0979deedd540d698ce0ecc24ad6b9ba102adb2401e
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 3858e0c518fd555423d9e6e3469c1fa4
SHA-256: 5983ed06ad7950eb9cc653cfe5592d39d273d69c1415f50ea4baaf210496d498
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 8605bf6e517f9b46c9cfa25c5d2cc94c
SHA-256: d951445ef4c6b04c45421131a8c36bdf68d8211d0e98a1d571ef43e41c375b9a
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 578e967c2248d7bb1ec810c158de5beb
SHA-256: ea92a41e0bdf8f54eaf35581df1235250950ceb2da3d6a7170bd5e6557b8d5de
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: e63faccd406a0abba94b8a95fab61b63
SHA-256: 5662fcff957a8cf73af1144adcfc5cfdeccf231b99aa92beb90d0316f31ec7a8
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 97a547ea03663150c7451b345ae28651
SHA-256: 61be96a4927d255be541ffa8486aa4791d7cd7981ac31f91dbf1b6265a0686ae
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: a52e50dcfaa5a681aff2e49bb552c051
SHA-256: a6e6a81452328db9aad1a83415f39eea21bbbdc6aa86cbea9638c05487dbb444
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: b437c86687ba2f89a88932ec29dfacc7
SHA-256: 9a9c51d4d93e596e1a914f23c333ae09bb7a78b7b11187b856c88b5c333bc865
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 373c401a1a448a92ac2babd3b75b3aae
SHA-256: 7e606ea5b49a9324d991f3053e21ab22a7d9164d02d2adc0a80fa20fb38372f2
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: bd9a581dc45d4403db514e7e193512d6
SHA-256: 4cb715ac021307bc80abbb228b1cd8718dfc598edaae183cd0d1dc16b7ee1ad0
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 069d364bcc59a4526e7a991ac65ab703
SHA-256: df8c3e0a70a63bcd88715a8957f50c5e1cd2ceed17be0500423da525cb215b40
nfs-ganesha-     MD5: 5c6ce098072d51e5111ebf9d0bc7181c
SHA-256: 9ab535b8cc1a7981b61cb7664479b1a4dba54b56441c33bbf6296093dd97964b
nfs-ganesha-debuginfo-     MD5: a16dcc92414b43c9cda952f595b590ce
SHA-256: 063cc2a336077c6255f6a771b291d3a06e24f9a9354cd65876a5a1944ff4d8ef
nfs-ganesha-docs-     MD5: bc33b15958d7742d535c70a1fe8c4849
SHA-256: 5075951bf6f02aefef0fcbfaabcf2342132c88df08da8478e4c3e991e04d4e93
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0752
    MD5: 3dbbe69a8b5db0ba7158ff840e9ab959
SHA-256: ab000dc7154406fcc4d6943c4e55bfedc1713a0b344d629a1570354a9f594926
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0752
    MD5: fdb27fc651d3ed65743ee46250eda543
SHA-256: a0b3c5254e6f71f7b212789bcbf5dff42b960e41ce1dec4a525ef1b42cc47cd1
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0752
    MD5: c4819222453a9e854010087fac11352b
SHA-256: 1dee73bfee388dd6431dcb7bafb6c0b580df893bf0be964f25c708d1f7ed3391
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0752
    MD5: e8542335125dced22db9b83ed910a01a
SHA-256: bf3e90241fabb8df1beec7779b9dfecfb2a20bb20865a394806dc9fe68eca5a6
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0752
    MD5: 520f651912d372ce01d0b2ab4cc79a78
SHA-256: eb72df8577777e79ed563a1fbee58928e31c5ea7317458ac11d4250fb0837293
perl-WWW-Curl-4.09-3.el6.x86_64.rpm     MD5: f16c08fd44745f4782eb7f53a2bf5a98
SHA-256: 725665892a279192d30a815a0ebe1695eb865553f356f036df5719272083ff68
perl-WWW-Curl-debuginfo-4.09-3.el6.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 86d8f9f0a1d7b3b6990b11d967bca757
SHA-256: 56cbf9d59f99ba76990ea3ccb07ef2b01dac3190848a2b12a482e764ae0b7294
pyOpenSSL-0.13.1-1.el6ost.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 3101870012dce19183e4d7c639e25951
SHA-256: 6fc4e78cbb680b37ad18e0ebba0eb9d92f4a44dbc3a61e5fc27de31bdfe09c06
pyOpenSSL-debuginfo-0.13.1-1.el6ost.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 161d0ef4d9f5304d35678dfd3f2fd9da
SHA-256: 06bd13cc4cddf31f38cb3c92bcf397239399a436b7a36589c5f67dc4d879210d
pyOpenSSL-doc-0.13.1-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 8d5bacedf3d26890fb83f1c915d9ba5f
SHA-256: 03eb98a69000abe5be0082fb7ff28646d8d10ac7d94a8c60c2c99e6e7dcec774
python-d2to1-0.2.10-1.el6.noarch.rpm     MD5: 47221909a7e8f8c1a0dec1ab15809c37
SHA-256: bcea9d0dcc993ed905f03c283e74a929e2fa559fb47b33d3b6abc1be7023c939
python-inotify-0.9.1-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: bcb477be52ca33fed6529cfffe67edcd
SHA-256: 2e9950e138390779877c1d51e0d713ee7ff69bb7b893a58f3073715889464ebe
python-iso8601-0.1.8-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 368a1947ee011f1205a380c73c34a010
SHA-256: ee364a5d2a1d5038b3c326d25fae05255ddc55063ef9aea2fa6f790679a0d97c
File outdated by:  RHSA-2014:0409
    MD5: 38a622ee77d03b59bd7537c4283ba31c
SHA-256: 4280f8ddaa6965fbc99c7889b18420f679bb63187be0008f1e47c88646952b4a
File outdated by:  RHSA-2014:0409
    MD5: cabd7fed1f14205cfbac04765e143891
SHA-256: b788aad5688b29747f6a38e87bfd4f51490a879c53409fce661514f70ff0cb61
python-memcached-1.53-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 31c0f0acb4576bca3aa3b3ab31edbe5a
SHA-256: dee6bc2ac9f934d59c138f67f30b00f841fa0057fe67db371ad424d2231d5443
python-oslo-config-1.2.1-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 46203bd57fa3fdbf3b728f47ac1b452b
SHA-256: d753087f654d92732741999b02000906603ecc7e2ecd21a46ed13fe4c5709ed9
python-oslo-config-doc-1.2.1-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 95dec9227a41f7e529a04fda7e131084
SHA-256: 6167a2cc23b7e8802201127f7b7ff53360927062eee75eb0983396f83cb4de64
python-pthreading-0.1.2-1.el6ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 287c4d99552fa4d390a26f1d6ad9cad5
SHA-256: 20ddc34ac99f40932c42cfe865769318ff7f56f44a6fb03aec8bde6a9d89fd9e
python-swiftclient-1.8.0-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 351333e9d89080933e09fa102e41273d
SHA-256: 4a6f72f0efab1f6a9d09990402a5ef8c966e5535d941845a38cd4f44979fd657
python-swiftclient-doc-1.8.0-1.el6ost.noarch.rpm     MD5: 04856443aad3dcf237018349f5b85f85
SHA-256: 0000dc494808dc87d6dbc185e4aa60dea8486a9b919be61c80b24e65b0b185cd
python-urllib3-1.5-5.1.2.el6.noarch.rpm     MD5: 7df556c8c729f5602b976275d6e91623
SHA-256: 8f0b65c1ee480939676d773fbb8dc644d0e76b02452a078eec22afc4e765be1c
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0095
    MD5: 57fd13a3aa6ccef48401e84888ee46f2
SHA-256: 2857ed69879ef17e2ad9cf8fd168e465fbe01bbf08a9e0c474371ffb6ea9ddf6
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: b8b5a114db7f73cd0e0c0ed26c30120f
SHA-256: 63963cc94e93571af609fcedcea6eb7fbe30927ca7444a56d28096ed585b7e91
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 5c505290f3b2f36839b786b80258d6f8
SHA-256: 6392b747bec880f89ebc083f1598a8b9f121a54616ecdae5e21ab8c9470b2b41
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: a683384b8c30ea0a6de5e6c358f4ce99
SHA-256: 6432592b14c2ee974285ace7a307bbb76219014caf7f336c18b0357b91d4cac5
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 5b7bffff9552e6beab440e241db99db9
SHA-256: 5fd7135afab5b8e20984c05331acdd786b027ab520153c2f348a1da2d404ac47
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 81347828a283f1ca1a4bf15ba5135686
SHA-256: dc25df020ab9c87f8b1efcc023fbdb71a198552a510793d97168ec531b6e5831
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 42a79fa9ca8faeccd1837c7bf63b58b3
SHA-256: 2112b1f6d1290b969e23bf3e606d0a1d7fdbb1fb0584868b371ca1ef8d1836f8
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 37d39ac938a2ede29646e9e900609984
SHA-256: ce6010abf900a4ef5b33ea10e653ddc28a5f261e3a73d57526588f0051a5732f
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: d27dcc7c809fd2f248e76dffad7abcfd
SHA-256: aefcf4cbbcbf9c35d9695333f783e6abc074785dd3be4a9ea77fdb675dc7a339
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 5fb0bcb3b559f02159637ad0e8b09489
SHA-256: 974cd403c571909c3379184cd2ec22e9a16ca47301a9cbd1efd84f655bf87ef9
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 0d1a3c597db0174a720faeb78085e132
SHA-256: 20f5f24ab00f0c3937abee092fbdc6d10677a71dcdb57723684340565bde5cb2
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: 9c6536ccf3b28b28628e282e6c8fff7c
SHA-256: f36112a8953dcb45d4df00ff32154c67cc874903af45f419d7c3cf311f5a373b
File outdated by:  RHSA-2015:0257
    MD5: c960c908e1bdafff4fc601a4f1c807e2
SHA-256: 576de352c7a5c6ce06507b00d2a6aac3ee47e7947cc4cddf1f4a591c70e064a7
vdsm-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 85f8a2cf7728c9d76088b90745b9d65b
SHA-256: e7a3b6a86d7a9fa3e97085d406c0acfb32f7294a922c8f29ced5df41d6ef134a
vdsm-api-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: f423e01c37c9dfb8d5a21e9c3235ea93
SHA-256: 1085f288db798ee4bef112de57b6a78eaa5df41e893abf403d055fe2452bdbf2
vdsm-cli-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 41ae471df965067b5d5267068fabe145
SHA-256: 016609ff1be96ceb935f4a4fbe9de9c3717a06b58aab3f33f353267f0ad61a10
vdsm-debug-plugin-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 44a0ad3396d8e686e7412f684ecd1a08
SHA-256: 796b364db07e6c3a0ae2fffeddfa853c109b59ba5aef2487f1253df98a9fa336
vdsm-debuginfo-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.x86_64.rpm     MD5: ee9a5f5005422a72a57773b5860a4a21
SHA-256: eae756bcb4d407533d1cd140af183b4515f1f285537eb0edb1514cc0fb75a6ef
vdsm-gluster-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: ad5e3dd29f5b1132cebd03c07e294bf0
SHA-256: ca268f89d76cc2bf3810881a197b2b8ed667c99099206ede58fb434a6d5f15b7
vdsm-hook-faqemu-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 9271e3394698a87a58671366dd38ec0e
SHA-256: 0f58194132936034a3ff16bef6bd88bcc4152f9358cd35c0b4c8f25abdcd4f6a
vdsm-hook-openstacknet-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: e7913ba4c0daebbee9bb6cfd8aed17de
SHA-256: 2b5fae2ac3c856e2fc7ea318a86d22b452400960336e36eb04309f0d52c1b575
vdsm-hook-qemucmdline-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: e2e137a8071199c6a62b82e6fb422ffa
SHA-256: add6e21bb8f46252c4160d8f87950d50ecbcf86bfd9244ef23810da3e182b690
vdsm-jsonrpc-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: f45b983bf35eedcc2e20dad38df0733f
SHA-256: 047be6239664e3d45ba15c573aacfb7ef5a5aae23ff69437bdf73b069dea8f68
vdsm-python-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 2c1b5627b05354bbe91249ac8078fe7e
SHA-256: 8eff1f0a6e8ac14264634d15cd7b9a5a8e81360c296a09f93eef2d7e15f5546b
vdsm-python-cpopen-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.x86_64.rpm     MD5: fd825d59322e987a20bf78ac02f016d2
SHA-256: 32775e94b35399b1caba73e1c5f1962822f888e5062f751a950c410adac3208d
vdsm-reg-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: a1aab2599f0a64918ce15853fab4612c
SHA-256: a0e165c3664ad5e2c7ea52bf37006006f9b57aa0a6f1df62cd5c4c86c6f08672
vdsm-tests-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: 8d072c1efd5c96ebde4307e91dfece6f
SHA-256: dd4a5f539ba41052bbde633a9ec169fe20b27dd70a16280b43739682e752cb4f
vdsm-xmlrpc-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: ef7b68717a6b4ce29fdf3000b3dfda4b
SHA-256: 1f678ba9979feb4f54c0430afc300b95e121ef47bbea02ad6eb90c3372f78413
vdsm-yajsonrpc-4.13.0-24.el6rhs.noarch.rpm     MD5: b516e50e8426bef06afe76eb0f771bad
SHA-256: fa36796b18a09c8c90df4d2fa3528e185c3735caf49d759d009e18d150c857fe
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1000462 - Dist-geo-rep : geo-rep xsync crawl fails to sync few symlinks to slave after changelog was disabled.
1001033 - [Builders] Various issues with gluster-swift-gen-builders
1001895 - [RFE] quota buid 3: list command should give some reponse if limit is not set
1002403 - wrong xml output in gluster volume status all --xml when a volume is down
1002416 - [RHSC] RFE: Remove status column from Volumes and Bricks tabs, and add an image to reflect the same.
1002661 - [RHS-C] Version in API is wrong
1002674 - RHSC Server is not Serving Docs at https://some-rhsc-server-here/docs
1002999 - Dist-geo-rep : geo-rep failed to remove files in slave, when those were removed on master through nfs mount as unprivileged user.
1004141 - Remove the downstream SQL script 03_03_0221_rhsc_downstream.sql which removes non Gluster roles
1004794 - numerous fd's opened on samba-gluster log file by smbd process
1005663 - DHT : directory selfheal is not creating extended attribute trusted.glusterfs.dht after creating directory
1006354 - No error is reported when files are in extended-attribute split-brain state.
1007349 - RHS-C: Remove the "rhsc-setup-plugin-allinone" package and all it's dependencies
1007751 - [RHS-C] warning: user ovirt does not exist - using root / warning: group ovirt does not exist - using root
1008318 - [RHSC] Error message seen on starting rebalance on a volume with one brick needs improvement
1008675 - (intermittent) creation volume of type "distributed stripe" gets detected as stripe volume
1008889 - [RHSC] Stop volume when rebalance is in progress succeeds.
1008900 - [RHSC] Show error pop-up when user tries to stop a volume which has rebalance in progress
1008942 - RHS-C: Introduce a Force option in the UI to allow creation of bricks in the root partition
1010204 - skipped count is not available in XML output of rebalance status
1010966 - xml tag "runtime" is not available in rebalance/remove-brick status xml output
1010975 - host UUID xml tag is required in rebalance/remove-brick status xml output
1011313 - Memory leak in gluster samba vfs / libgfapi
1011487 - RHS-C: cb1 installation fails
1011775 - RHS-C: rhsc-setup prompts for selecting the Application mode (Both, Virt, Gluster) [Both]
1011778 - RHS-C: Rebalance Status refresh was not occuring properly
1011779 - Started field shows N/A, instead of showing a timestamp in the rebalance status pop up
1011885 - RHS-C: add node uuid in rebalance and remove-brick status output
1012144 - remove the %pre/%post hooks in Storage specfile
1012145 - [RHS-C] Make Red Hat Plug-in a requirement for Red Hat Storage
1012241 - [RHSC] Permissions for every user has roles not relevant to a gluster-user.
1012278 - [RHSC] The IP address of the RHSC management server in the browser address bar does not automatically navigate to the webadmin portal login page, and the page that is displayed has links to many resources that are not relevant to RHSC
1012329 - [RHSC] Not able to close rebalance status dialog .
1012393 - [RHSC] - console hangs when clicked on rebalance status
1012394 - RHS-C: Remove "Gluster Swift Status" and "Manage Gluster Swift"
1012871 - [RHSC] Bricks tab for a volume not displaying the bricks and remains in the loading state for very long - more than 15 minutes.
1012898 - [RHSC] - Monitoring rebalance from CLI does not work.
1012988 - [RHSC] - status dialog does not display skipped file count.
1013604 - RHS-C: rhsc branding is not proper in cb2
1013611 - [RHSC] "connect: Network is unreachable" on RHS 2.1 nodes connected to RHSC: 2.1.1-0.0.1.master.el6ev
1014980 - [RHSC] - Rebalance status title should be changed.
1014982 - [RHSC] - Started at and status at fields in rebalance status dialog should be aligned correctly.
1015013 - [RHSC] - Brick advanced details gives error.
1015016 - [RHSC] - An event message should be displayed when rebalance completes on a volume.
1015020 - [RHSC] 'Add Network' dialog for a cluster contains fields not relevant to RHS
1015394 - [RHSC] - Status dialog hangs when glusterd goes down in one of the node while rebalance happens.
1015395 - gluster volume status all --xml output doesn't have parameters of tasks
1015444 - [RHSC] - No event message generated when rebalance is started from CLI.
1015478 - [RHSC] A user with permissions to manipulate volumes cannot delete a volume
1015659 - [RHSC] Even though rebalance is still in progress, the icon on the UI indicates that it has been completed.
1016993 - Provide state of async tasks of all volumes in a new sub-command of 'volume status'
1017169 - [RHSC] - Status dialog does not display the correct size of the files rebalanced.
1017653 - engine-upgrade-check should be re-branded as rhsc-upgrade-check
1018076 - [RHS-C]: Error while executing action RefreshGlusterHooks: Internal Engine Error
1018123 - RHS-C: rhsc-log-collector never completes successfully when "collect information from hypervisors" is Yes
1018904 - call to ClusterGlusterVolumeBricks::add() successfully adds brick to volume but throws exception
1019557 - [RHS-C] The menu option "Rebalance" should appear after "Stop" in Volume tab
1019559 - [RHS-C] Drop down menu in Activities column for volumes should have a box on mouse hover
1019560 - [RHS-C] Remove bricks status dialog shows "Started At" field as a text box. It should be a label.
1019561 - [RHS-C] Remove bricks status dialog should show host names instead of IP address
1019566 - Once remove brick commit happens, it should reflect in bricks and volumes list simultaneously
1019568 - [RHS-C] In the Hosts tab, the sub-tab "Gluster Bricks" should be renames as "Bricks"
1019570 - [RHS-C] Hide all the virt related fields and menus from RHSC
1019598 - [RHS-C] Status of the volume in activities column after Stop rebalance should be in sync with gluster CLI output
1019599 - [RHS-C] Show units of time (sec/ min) in runtime column in remove brick status dialog
1019600 - [RHS-C] Show KB/MB/GB instead of Kb/Mb/Gb in remove bricks status dialog for size column
1019825 - [RHSC] The title of almost all dialog boxes are overlapping on the image.
1019846 - Rebalance : Status command shows the node which does not participate in rebalance.
1019908 - Error while executing action CommitRemoveGlusterVolumeBricks: Command execution failed return code: 146
1020159 - RHS-C: vdsm exception occurred during glusterVolumeRemoveBrickStatus
1020187 - RHS-C: adminPassword is saved as PLAIN TEXT in the answer file generated as part of rhsc-setup
1020189 - [RHSC] Commit button not enabled in the remove-bricks status dialog, even after the data migration has completed.
1020190 - RHS-C: Hide NFS setup, Application mode and Datacenter storage type from CONFIGURATION PREVIEW during rhsc-setup
1020205 - [RHSC] After the completion of a remove-brick operation, cannot start remove-brick again.
1020252 - [RHSC] - Run time column in the rebalance status dialog should be in human readable format.
1020254 - [RHSC] - Stop Rebalance button does not get disabled once rebalance is complete.
1020278 - [RHSC] - Completed text in the status dialog needs to be highlighted or made bold.
1020282 - [RHSC] Error message on failure to start remove-brick is incorrect
1020291 - [RHSC] - Adding nodes to the console gives a warning saying "Network virbr0 is not attached to any interface on host server4."
1020325 - [RHSC] Remove-brick icon keeps disappearing and re-appearing on the Console while remove-brick operation is in progress
1020331 - The output of command "gluster volume status all tasks --xml" and "gluster volume remove-brick <vol> <brick> status --xml" not in agreement
1020352 - Dist-geo-rep : geo-rep failed to sync few files to level 2 slave in cascaded-fanout setup.
1020691 - RHS-C: After importing a cluster, brick status shows as DOWN even though the volume is UP
1020779 - [RHSC] - Skipped file count is getting displayed as failed file count in rebalance status dialog.
1020816 - quota: alert message "A" in client logs
1020850 - Enable per client logging for gluster shares served by Samba
1020864 - [RHSC] - Show KB/MB/GB instead of Kb/Mb/Gb in rebalance bricks status dialog for size column
1020872 - [RHSC] - Node column should be sorted in the rebalance status dialog.
1020883 - [RHSC] In the task tab, show the size of rebalanced files in MB or GB
1021334 - [RHSC] - Cancel button is not working in the stop rebalance dialog box.
1021343 - [RHSC] - Stop rebalance confirmation dialog does not display the volumes on which rebalance is going to be stopped.
1021397 - [RHSC] 'CPU Name' field for a host is empty and 'CPU Type' is scrollable
1021441 - [RHSC] Status of bricks that reside on a server which is down, should be shown as down.
1021497 - [RHSC] - Status gives "No Rebalance ever happened on volume : <volName>"
1021513 - [RHSC] - Rebalance status dialog does not give the failed file count.
1021773 - [RHSC] Import host dialog hangs
1021776 - quota: deprecate or warn with for "volume set quota on" cmd
1021814 - [RHSC] After starting rebalance on a volume, the rebalance button is active for some time.
1021816 - [RHSC] - Rebalance status dialog gives "No Rebalance ever happened on Volume"
1021857 - [RFE] Implementation of object handle based gfapi extensions
1021982 - [RHSC] - Remove brick warning for distributed replicate volume has an extra parameter which is not relevant .
1021993 - [RHSC] Remove-brick status is not displayed after clicking on the Status button in the remove-brick drop-down menu
1022328 - Increase the auxillary group limit to 65536
1022338 - rhsc-setup fails with "cannot import name redhatsupportplugin"
1022511 - RHS-C: Commit and Retain buttons are disabled in Remove brick status pop-up even though it's ready for Commit/Retain
1022516 - RHS-C: Typo in Events during Remove brick
1022531 - RHS-C: Remove-brick of second brick in a volume is also trying to remove the brick that was already Retained
1022585 - [RHSC] Menu items in the remove-brick menu are all disabled
1022937 - [RHSC] - Stopped At field is not getting dispalyed in the rebalance status dialog once rebalance is stopped.
1022946 - [RHSC] Rebalance status dialog appears on the Console on clicking on the Status button and immediately disappears
1022996 - [RHSC] - Monitoring stop rebalance from CLI does not work.
1023034 - [RHSC] Tasks tab not refreshing, shows inconsistent data.
1023884 - [RHSC] - Table in the rebalance status dialog should be same as that of CLI.
1023921 - Rebalance status does not give the correct ouput and rebalance starts automatically when glusterd is made down and made up after a while.
1023956 - [RHS-C] In Add Bricks" pop-up, reference of "Servers" is NOT changed to "Hosts"
1024183 - [RHS-C] Host detach fails but does not show an error in UI
1024227 - [RHS-C] Stop remove brick does not show the remove brick status
1024228 - adding host uuids to volume status command xml output
1024263 - [RHS-C] Error while executing action Add Gluster Hook: Internal Engine Error
1024316 - glusterd crash seen after rebalance/remove-brick operations
1024371 - All the existing bricks are not marked source when new brick is added to volume to increase the replica count from 2 to 3
1024377 - Users with GlusterAdmin role should be able to Add/Remove Cluster and Hosts
1024592 - [RHSC] Brick advance details dialogue should have the heading “Brick Advanced Detail”. In the General tab of Brick Advance details, swap the last two items “Mount options” and “File System” position.
1024594 - [RHSC] Show seconds in rebalance "status at" and "started at" fields
1024606 - [RHS-C] Remove brick status dialogue : Rename the column from “File Rebalanced” to “Files Migrated”
1024609 - Rename Gluster Host to Host in detach Host dialog
1024649 - [RHSC] In the bricks sub-tab for a server, show the bricks in sorted order
1024725 - For the nodes which does not participate in remove brick , remove brick status gives the ouptut of rebalance.
1024734 - Put – (dash) before every item name for the purpose of consistency in confirmation dialogues. Particularly in Maintenance Confirmation dialogue...
1024736 - [RHS-C] Error pop up has empty title
1024782 - [RHSC] Retain button in the remove-brick status dialog does not work.
1024817 - [RHSC] - Close button in commit remove bricks dialog should be changed to 'Cancel'
1024997 - Remove Multiple hosts throws error
1025013 - [RHS-C] Remove-brick icon in the Volumes tab and Bricks tab should appear simultaneously
1025101 - [RHSC] General Tab under Host : All the rows has to be properly aligned
1025240 - remove-brick : Improvements needed in remove-brick grammar, command execution output messages and documentation
1025361 - yum update of samba-common package creates two extra backup smb configuration files (.rpmnew and .rpmsave)
1025489 - samba-common should not create a smb.conf.rpmsave file on first time install
1025869 - [RHSC][scale-test] Create Volume Results In "Error while executing action"
1026272 - quota:many files created with "---------T." permission
1026882 - rsdl are missing request payload details
1027125 - [RHSC] - No event message generated when remove-brick is started/stopped from CLI.
1027128 - Quota: Executing quota-remove-xattr.sh to see its usage, actually executes it.
1027132 - [RHSC] - Monitoring remove brick stop from CLI does not work.
1027136 - [RHSC] Host column in the remove-brick status dialog should be sorted.
1027178 - Volumes tab and sub-tabs not taking equal space
1027559 - AFR: self-heal daemon crawler not obeying the 'cluster.heal-timeout' time interval
1027583 - [RHSC] 'Synch Mom Policy' button should be removed from the hosts subtab for a cluster
1027675 - [RHSC] Remove-brick status dialog hangs when glusterd goes down on the storage node
1027699 - 'gluster volume status' command fails on a server after glusterd is brought down and back up, while remove-brick is in progress
1027743 - [Remove-brick] : Committing a brick from CLI does not remove the remove brick icon from the volume activities table.
1028282 - Create Volume: No systems root partition error when script mode
1028325 - [Gluster-cli] Glusterfs rebalance xml output is null although gluster rebalance status returns rebalance status.
1028860 - [RHS-C] remove brick related actions in volumes tab are not working when bricks sub tab is not active
1028978 - Samba update creating multiple entries of rhs-samba.conf in smb.conf
1028995 - When brick process is killed while remove-brick is in progress, the status of the remove-brick task is shown as as stopped
1029414 - [RHS-C] About dialog does not have a title.
1029452 - [RHSC] After starting remove-brick on a volume, clicking on the activities icon shows all menu items enabled.
1029463 - [RHSC] 'Stopped At' field is not getting displayed in the remove-brick status dialog when remove-brick is stopped.
1029472 - clicking on commit does not result in the commit window being opened.
1029478 - [RHSC] After committing remove-brick or retaining the brick, buttons 'Commit' and 'Retain' are not disabled in the remove-brick status dialog
1029648 - [RHSC] Edit Role Dialog Should Read "Volumes" instead of "Gluster"
1029651 - [RHSC] Configure Dialog Needs Scroll-bar For Role Description
1030021 - Tracker for downstream RHS product: gfapi: introduce glfs_readdir() and glfs_readdirplus() APIs
1030232 - red-hat-access-plugin-rhsc: In "Open New Support Case", default 'Product' and 'Version' are currently related to rhevm
1030248 - red-hat-access-plugin-rhsc: RHSC SOS Report... FAILED while creating a new support case
1030443 - NFS_ACL : Inconsistent behaviour of setfacl and getfacl.
1030460 - Seen out of memory kill in the engine .
1030514 - xml is being displayed for every shell command
1030784 - [RHS-C] "Red Hat Documentation" link is not working at all
1031543 - [RHS-C] There is a typo in the "configuration preview" section when you run the rhsc-setup command.
1031585 - [RHSC] Unable to remove more than one pair of bricks from a distributed-replicate ( 3x2 ) volume
1031613 - [RHS-C] Adding 2nd RHS node failed with error "Failed to fetch gluster peer list from server Server1 on Cluster"
1031687 - Dist-geo-rep : while doing first xsync crawl, disconnection with slave causes the geo-rep to re-crawl the whole file system and generate XSYNC-CHANGELOGS again.
1031899 - [RHSC] Remove 'PowerUserRole' from 'System Permissions' in the Console.
1031901 - [RHSC] Events log message seen on adding and removing a role needs improvement.
1032019 - An event message should be displayed when a brick is retained.
1032034 - DHT :- able to create two files having same name at same directory level
1032081 - Enable quorum in profile virt
1032221 - the output from the 'help' command contains phrase 'rhevm' in text
1032465 - do proper cleanup of the graph
1032558 - Remove-brick with self-heal causes data loss
1033035 - stop rebalance does not suceed when glusterd is down in one of the node.
1033469 - Do not allow removal of replicas using "remove-brick" command
1033697 - [RHSC] Cluster version 3.2 - Gluster Hooks Sub-Tab Not Available
1033772 - REST: unable to resolve hook content conflict by copying from another host
1034346 - REST: can not remove brick from distributed-replicate volume
1034547 - call_bail logs should have remote host information for debugging purposes
1035124 - An event message for commit remove brick should mention the number of bricks removed.
1035146 - [RHSC] 'Could not fetch remove brick status of volume' message lists all the bricks of the volume
1035601 - [RHSC] Remove-brick icon disappears from the UI, when glusterd is killed on the node which was running remove-brick
1036035 - [RHS-C] Replace "GLuster" with "Gluster" in "Add Event Notification" under Users tab
1036039 - [RHSC] Bricks status is not getting synched when gluster CLI output shows the port as N/A
1036500 - [RHS-C] 'Add Event Notification' should show an error message if MAIL_SERVER is NOT configured and if "ovirt-engine-notifier" service is NOT started
1036632 - [RHS-C] "rhsc-setup" is not updating "rhsc-branding-rhs" and "rhsc-cli" packages automatically
1036639 - [RHS-C] Administration Portal errors out "Error while executing action: A Request to the Server failed with the following Status Code: 500"
1037274 - network disconnect/reconnect does not resume data access to server
1037505 - BVT: Rebalance skipped files are counted as failures in the status
1037515 - BVT: " failed to get trusted.distribute.linkinfo key" errors are seen in rebalance logs
1037583 - [RHSC] After retaining a brick using the Retain button in the status dialog, the 'Stopped At' field does not appear
1037607 - when rebalance or remove-brick happens volume name gets updated as UNKNOWN in the tasks pane
1037709 - REST: migrating step's type is unknown
1037851 - glusterd hangs on big lock
1038038 - [RHEV-RHS] Gateway not configured on RHSS Node, after adding it to gluster enabled cluster
1038475 - RFE: Include the "gluster-deploy-tool" as part of the unsupported toolset
1038678 - REST: rsdl definition for brick migrate is incorrectly defined
1038686 - rest: accepted request body for glusterhook resolve action is incorrect
1039992 - 'gluster volume remove-brick' command fails with different error messages when the order of bricks being removed is different
1040055 - rhs-samba.conf does not have "max protocol = SMB2" on fresh RHS2.1U1 installations
1040303 - Tasks pane could not determine the task status when rebalance is stopped from gluster CLI.
1040686 - rest api: incorrect error message commiting part of the migrated brick set
1040923 - RHSC should not show unsupported locales
1040959 - Rebalance start from gluster CLI does not update icon in the volume activities column.
1040960 - [RHS-C] rhsc-setup prompts for rhevm related configurations
1040973 - No event message gets generated when remove-brick is stopped from CLI
1041565 - "Command '/sbin/service' failed to execute" while running rhsc-setup
1042740 - Virt related links are returned in RSDL when engine is in Gluster only mode
1042771 - Openstack RPMs required to support gluster-swift-plugin-1.10.0-1 rpms.
1042830 - glusterd crashes and when rebalancing a volume with the name StartMigrationDuringRebalanceTest
1043032 - [RHSC] Server removed from DB after being in Up state
1043535 - glusterd crash seen in glusterfs
1043946 - BVT: Provisioning of RHSS2.1 through use of kick start file with latest GlusterFS rpms fails
1044440 - GlusterFS API: Error in PRETRANS scriptlet in rpm package glusterfs-api-
1044511 - [RHS-C] Remove Cluster Compatibility Version 3.1 as we don't support management of RHS 2.0.z nodes
1044869 - nfs-ganesha: start of nfs-ganesha fails
1044923 - AFR : self-heal of few files not happening when a AWS EC2 Instance is back online after a restart
1045313 - "volfile-max-fetch-attempts" was not deprecated correctly
1045374 - 'gluster volume status --xml' has issues
1045414 - nfs-ganesha: start fails as it is expecting older rpms
1045991 - Add Brick Does Not Clear xttr's
1046022 - "gluster volume heal <vol-name> info", doesn't responds till self-heal is complete on the volume
1046233 - Not able to start object store services, modules gluster.swift.*.server seems missing
1046294 - AFR : For every file self-heal there are warning messages reported in glustershd.log file
1046295 - [RHSC] Links to Developer Guide and Installation Guide on <hostname>/ovirt-engine page do not show the guides in the same way as admin guide and CLI guide.
1046564 - Qemu-img will prompt error and even core dump when creating libgfapi image
1046604 - geo-replication fails with OSError when setting remote xtime
1046617 - nfs-ganehsa: fails to start with either of options "NIV_NULL, NIV_MAJ, NIV_CRIT, NIV_MID_DEBUG"
1046619 - nfs-ganesha: returns error when IP of other node is given as input to startup script but actually nfs process is started
1047449 - io-cache : Warning message "vol-io-cache: page error for page = 0x7ff570559550 & waitq = 0x7ff570055130" in client logs filling up root partition
1047461 - AFR : Setting "data-self-heal", "metadata-self-heal", "entry-self-heal" volume options should not be applicable to glfsheal
1047747 - glusterd crashed, after initiating 'remove brick start'
1047862 - AFR : provide log file for glfsheal process
1048247 - [RHSC] redhat-access-plugin-rhsc failed to install while installing rhsc
1048810 - gswauth: admin user is able to delete a reseller admin user
1048811 - [gswauth] python traceback seen while using gswauth-clean-token with -v option
1048918 - [gswauth] reseller admin and regular user are not able to update thier passwords
1048919 - [gswauth] gswauth-add-user -s option is not working,should not be accepted by CLI
1048921 - [gswauth] Prevent traceback when swift services are not running and gswauth-* commands are run
1049892 - [RHSC] - Values of Physical Memory and swap size in hosts general sub tab are incorrect.
1050135 - [RHSC] Unable to remove U1 Server after Server failed to add
1051226 - Wrong atime updates on a file during write() while using vfs glusterfs CIFS interface
1051706 - DistributionNotFound Exception, rhsc-sdk-python>= when running 'rhsc-shell'
1053439 - nfs-ganesha: even after stopping nfs-ganesha process rpcinfo -p still shows nfs related programs in the list
1054782 - [RHS-RHOS] Openstack glance image corruption after remove-brick/rebalance on the RHS nodes
1055442 - [RHSC] - clicking on Developer Guide pdf gives "page not found click here to continue"
1055575 - RHS have older version of keystoneclient,memcached,swiftclient and related dependencies,RHOS-4 will be a good reference point
1056997 - [RHSC] Host does not move to non operational even after glusterd is made down .
1059237 - [RHSC] Skipped file count in remove-brick status dialog not shown
1059662 - [RHSC] Status of remove-brick changed from commit-pending to unknown (?) when left untouched for a few hours
1060138 - [RHSC] - Rebalance icon in the activities column chnages to unknown (?)
849293 - gluster volume create --xml output is not in the format
849295 - gluster volume stop --xml outputs wrong xml structure
849296 - gluster volume delete --xml outputs wrong xml structure
854626 - Replace-brick status says migration complete even though data-self heal hasn't been completed.
861097 - Enabling and disabling performance translators repeatedly causes error
868715 - Gluster does not honour /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_reserved_ports
870948 - [RHEV-RHS]: "remote_fd is -1. EBADFD" reported in client log and VM creation is not successful (Operation Add-Disk failed)
880736 - [RHS-C]: Link to Admin Guide in the Management Console is not working
881378 - [RHEV-RHS] Mounting volumes as "Export/NFS" fails with "Internal error, Storage Connection doesn't exist."
883698 - [FUTURE FEATURE]: "gluster volume heal <vol-name> info" should list the entries that are to be healed even when option "self-heal-daemon" is turned off
885592 - [RHS-C] SHD service status details are not displayed in "Services" tab in Cluster
886478 - [RHS-C] Creating a Distributed Stripe volume using the default Stripe Count (4) actually creates only a Stripe volume
902644 - Virt file does not get regenerated after wiping /var/lib/glusterd/groups and restarting glusterd
907462 - RHSC: Refresh button on the left hand pane in GUI is not refreshing the tree view
914667 - [RHSC] Volume creation with name 'volume' fails with 'Unexpected exception'
915741 - [RHEV-RHS] Plugging out a disk hosting one of the RHS bricks brings down the storagedomain
916117 - [RHSC] Event log message for a volume option edited from UI, does not show the old value of the option.
918510 - Volume heal output displays "successful" while it actually means "successfully triggered".
923560 - remove-brick operation on distribute-replicate volume fails to start when specifying more than one replica pair
926098 - [RHEV-RHS] - Moving disk between storage domains for running VMs failed, and led to VM image corrupted
927753 - [RHS-C] "rhsc-setup" fails if run for the second time without doing "rhsc-cleanup"
928292 - [RHEV-RHS] Storagedomain goes down while adding multiple preallocated disks to a VM
929047 - [RHS-C] engine-log-collector is trying to fetch information about hypervisors/datacenters
955464 - [RHS -C] Datacenter field should be removed
955488 - [RHS -C] Change all the reference of "Servers" back to "Hosts"
955611 - missing status as string in volume status and rebalance/remove-brick status commands
955614 - xml output of gluster volume 'rebalance status' and 'remove-brick status' have missing status information in <aggregate> section
956655 - client log is continuously filling with "not a valid port identifier", "readv failed" and "disconnected" messages when remove brick was performed
956977 - nfs: dbench with 100 dirs fails
958813 - [RHS-C] No event messages are generated in UI when a brick goes from UP --> DOWN / DOWN --> UP
970581 - [RHSC] Volume Options Pull Down List Auto Collapse
971781 - [RHS-C] Traceback "SSLError: [Errno 1] _ssl.c:490: error:14094416:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert certificate unknown" in vdsm logs
972581 - [RHSC-SHELL] list events gives unknown error
972589 - [RHSC-SHELL] show event gives an unknown error.
972619 - [RHS-C] Detected server host3 removed from Cluster <UNKNOWN>, and removed it from engine DB.
973091 - [RHS-C] Binary hook contents are being displayed during Resolve Conflicts
973638 - [RHS-C] Remove all the RHEVM related events from "Manage Events"
974018 - [RHS-C] "Error: Upgrade failed" while running rhsc-upgrade
974023 - [RHS-C] "Error: Upgrade failed" while running rhsc-check-update
975055 - [RHSC] Cluster Compatibility Version version should default to the latest version
975382 - [RHS-C] Server is moved to "UP" state from "Non-Operational" even though glusterd is stopped
975414 - [RHS-C] Feedback button in UI is redirecting to rhev-beta page instead of rhsc page
975805 - [RHS-C] View Hook Content window expands outside of the window
977492 - large NFS writes to Gluster slow down then stop
979177 - [RHSC] Need way to determine RHS version
979376 - Rebalance : Gluster volume remove brick status displays 2 entries for one host
980750 - [RHSC] When a host is moved to Maintenance after being Non-operational, it is removed from the cluster, if another host in the cluster is UP.
980768 - Traceback detected while installing vdsm using Big Bend ISO.
982104 - Rebalance Status message not showing correct status .
982540 - [RHS-C] Adding Host Events and Gluster Volume Events is failing with the error "Error while executing action: Action 1: The Notification event is unsupported."
983051 - [RHSC] Import cluster when one of the peers is unresolvable or unreachable from the engine, fails.
983145 - [RHEV-RHS] - remove-brick operation on distribute-replicate RHS 2.0 volume, used as VM image store on RHEV, leads to paused VM
983716 - java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException removing a server from cluster
986171 - [RHSC] Remove hooks from a cluster, when all servers in the cluster are removed from engine.
987427 - [RHSC] Add brick displays an improper message while adding a brick to the volume.
987494 - [RHSC] Can not remove host when host is in Maintenance
987841 - [REST]:GET request to a subdirectory results in /volume_not_in_ring/0/AUTH_** error
989362 - nfs+afr+logging: "unlock failed on 1 unlock" seems meaningless
990331 - geo-replication fails for longer fqdn's
991027 - [RHSC] - About in rhsc shows " Red Hat Storage Console Version: 2.1.0-0.bb8.el6rhs (c) 2012 Red Hat Inc. All rights reserved."
992899 - [RHSC] Console allows addition of a host to a cluster, that has the same UUID as that of a host that is already present in the cluster
992912 - [RHSC] While adding/editing a role in the network it shows "Assigning Network to VM" and "Assigning Network to Template"
998796 - [RHEV-RHS] : ext4 corruption on app vm after add-brick and rebalance
999569 - [RHS-RHOS] VM damaged beyond repair if the cinder volume attached to it is rebalanced post add-brick.
999795 - RHS-C: List gluster hook fails when some of the hooks directories (post/pre) are missing in the RHS nodes


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