Enhancement Advisory mingw-virt-viewer enhancement update

Advisory: RHEA-2013:0889-1
Type: Product Enhancement Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2013-06-10
Last updated on: 2013-06-10
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2


An updated mingw-virt-viewer package is now available.

The MinGW Windows virt-viewer console application implements, among other
things, the client side of SPICE protocol. This package contains the
remote-viewer executable, the next generation of spice-client.

A list of the bugs fixed in this update is available in the Technical Notes


Administrators of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environments should install
this new package.


Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

To install or upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2 refer to the
Installation Guide:


Updated packages

(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

842816 - virt-viewer prints an error dialog when connecting an USB device to a guest (while no drivers are already installed on WIndows client)
857114 - when server-mouse cursor is grabbed and the cusor is stolen, spice-gtk should release it
866418 - RFE: CAC smartcard support for windows (mingw-virt-viewer)
872200 - Installer reports that usbclerk wasn't installed even though it's been installed previously
873263 - support raw ipv6 addresses in URIs
874482 - Right-side of display not refreshed when window is partially out of screen on the left (was Mouse pointer disappears )
874499 - RFE: log to Application Logs of Event Log service on windows platform, control log level with environment variable
874698 - [spice - remote viewer] Can't open console to VM on 5.9 host "Unable connect to the graphic server"
875124 - "Take screenshot" dialog should add .png to the saved file name and ignore all common image extensions typed
905898 - Rebase mingw-virt-viewer in RHEV-M 3.2 to be on par with RHEL-6.4
906560 - spice client crashes at first Shift-Ctrl-V in Microsoft Outlook
907053 - remote-viewer.exe crashes in 16bpp
912703 - Resolution changing loop
912713 - Window resizes when "tiling" on half a screen in windows 7
913080 - remote-viewer: "Unable to connect to the graphic server" error on guest shutdown
918997 - Second display disappears after guest reboot
919530 - Virt-Viewer: Win764 guest does not show available 2nd display for multimonitor
923894 - Migration falls back to Switch host method when connection is established through proxy.
924006 - Crash with invalid utf8 clipboard in gdk_property_change()
924476 - fail to resume the win7-64 guest by pressing the keyboard after do S3 if use remote-viewer
927882 - [remote-viewer] gnome session unresponsive after connecting to vm with more displays
952327 - with RHEV-M's "full screen" or CLI "--full-screen=auto-conf", secondary monitor of the guest keeps flashing

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