Enhancement Advisory CloudForms Cloud Engine 1.1 update

Advisory: RHEA-2012:1516-1
Type: Product Enhancement Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2012-12-04
Last updated on: 2012-12-04
Affected Products: Red Hat CloudForms


Updated CloudForms Cloud Engine packages that fix bugs and add new functionality
are now available.

Red Hat CloudForms is an on-premise hybrid cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service
(IaaS) product that lets you create and manage private and public clouds. It
provides self-service computing resources to users in a managed, governed, and
secure way.

This update fixes bugs in Cloud Engine packages and upgrades the system to
CloudForms 1.1.

After updating these new packages, please follow the instructions in "4.2.
Upgrading CloudForms Cloud Engine" of the CloudForms 1.1 Installation Guide:


To view the full list of changes, view the CloudForms Technical Notes:


Users are advised to upgrade to these updated CloudForms System Engine packages,
which resolve these issues.


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

To update all RPMs for your particular architecture, run:

rpm -Fvh [filenames]

where [filenames] is a list of the RPMs you wish to upgrade. Only those
RPMs which are currently installed will be updated. Those RPMs which are
not installed but included in the list will not be updated. Note that you
can also use wildcards (*.rpm) if your current directory *only* contains the
desired RPMs.

Please note that this update is also available via Red Hat Network. Many
people find this an easier way to apply updates. To use Red Hat Network,
launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the following command:


This will start an interactive process that will result in the appropriate
RPMs being upgraded on your system.

Updated packages

Red Hat CloudForms

File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: ce8d61dc2185cfd33b8d191a0c6197b4
SHA-256: 71e8f310b5e62563a71d01979b3506d22d6c331915005cc152f40ff303f1055b
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: b2ef0b98b3221f729f7a44cce049fb9a
SHA-256: 726adf38d478a557f8cd07ecb6bc3bfdad3c1f6aaff9ef7ad8eba3fc4f1c2bda
aeolus-configure-2.8.11-1.el6cf.src.rpm     MD5: 65062c436b726b78a672cc4d79ef8a79
SHA-256: 1ac959beeda7c3076cbb88c1713bef42d8460c6bb51ecba8ecf46f3b5311b881
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 87259b5130f3dfd62fc748be080629a3
SHA-256: 9ddd3d761aec6580648af44a7b6e5095e16b76fdada96d81047feebb8beeff4c
rubygem-aeolus-cli-0.7.7-1.el6cf.src.rpm     MD5: c9439062f48a8fd9381a9f61c97b1ce9
SHA-256: c43c08a3c79b5aaebd06146f7618983db128cc533b3f0b1b8b5495378a062880
rubygem-mustache-0.99.4-7.el6cf.src.rpm     MD5: 705464247fe7aeddacf96168577b2dcf
SHA-256: 434a4d2a00db5ebe8c6b3816c3d272a705e784f20e22fd2d63c7ba31f036821c
rubygem-paranoia-1.1.0-2.el6cf.src.rpm     MD5: 4aa9c40ef5e6485e6c434acd5417aefd
SHA-256: 2f16753d132ce2f352e6cc650d790f061f555d592eaf6b20a563717507ebdd67
rubygem-sqlite3-1.3.3-9.el6cf.src.rpm     MD5: 3ecdd7953abb5e9c39c4d8a9e04ca32d
SHA-256: 8fff5ab5aa837fc1a63feff5217b5dbb16e6002cfa40a74953607e66c9299a36
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 3140d53e64c06c9a12202e22ebc19436
SHA-256: c6be994b465759dccabc660256c9a17e9c3950b5a1eb791c2cced33cc39ad82e
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 136f5a95507bcab7c1d1024dd0d40d43
SHA-256: 4094280fb3670a037e249aaa5fbf476dc520f62b5538f05ee4091607aee806ff
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: f66692e34af16896bd0174a0d4400b4b
SHA-256: 5d6c62029f5e6d99a7715af88eba5a6061da01e638823105ed304cb9080c1963
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 8e36942403b45f5a8f72817dc708f4ab
SHA-256: 6d89b1f315241506fe3eb793606232d62debbe144846fc2bcd93092a5dbc93c2
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 2d85b09adc75ac6ae7eaf5fffe22e466
SHA-256: a4e708acf1b4cd050ed43c01cf5851b418bbd8753c00cbdf38f3854f067227fc
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 1abea8800877149ec5fa5105166158ed
SHA-256: 28beedb6901a202ef5e065347aa079aa7540e3d308a2b570294f7276321295c8
aeolus-configure-2.8.11-1.el6cf.noarch.rpm     MD5: 5749570e248ef9f458c29ee8ed70bb61
SHA-256: af7218738df6a1b3b7c3efc9ee8898a0baa05cd0594811c501435749b99d12c2
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 1f44223af1e94351998cb3c4f61d26bb
SHA-256: 9bd43bf1fdfac17b36f3585e3fe9d62f0dc3cda39bcfc4ca4ea377302e1691a2
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 33462e32b56221969b911baa98c7c449
SHA-256: d2179df4645731d544e8af940734510416d9d369fb5a4d7965aa5314d68251d3
File outdated by:  RHSA-2013:0545
    MD5: 1f29380033db00dc66e75a70a579d09f
SHA-256: 6cc43ee62a925850a750643c38b1c437160ace4507cf59ff7c7206ec80bbc87e
ruby-sqlite3-1.3.3-9.el6cf.x86_64.rpm     MD5: a2c36c024545d199ff33da49bad57f66
SHA-256: 470a8b82b6a928294ac133f8006532f2fc51546e78430ae45780e92dd443ec6d
rubygem-aeolus-cli-0.7.7-1.el6cf.noarch.rpm     MD5: dd9415377880bdbe9c6fb222c24090f2
SHA-256: 05b076d49b9458365a45420f6c1c43b1ffea4ef78ff1a5e3f7e517b751836882
rubygem-mustache-0.99.4-7.el6cf.noarch.rpm     MD5: 8806125f63357829f6b7f55d2cd37242
SHA-256: 9160fa9ab2bfc5fe71cedef99676fef643ed8b9ea073863a8ee9d022da4ac53a
rubygem-paranoia-1.1.0-2.el6cf.noarch.rpm     MD5: 489b1e77398cb80edcb4061ad0270977
SHA-256: 7ab777293d2e379ee13f3ff8f71680b584e585d9a6dc0ec8ed88092a38a69c08
rubygem-sqlite3-1.3.3-9.el6cf.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 077fdd7199d83bd4d4ca5fb78fdd6079
SHA-256: cc415e5e9f3993d03a3c193037c79170ccc67a0c342fc2f6753174a31f2f4449
rubygem-sqlite3-debuginfo-1.3.3-9.el6cf.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 12b0cbbd96316c58c70eb5bfce052390
SHA-256: bc8133eb7a05b7c8d9dee20bc7c1701edddb0ee99a118dc8873fac0c27845f91
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

717550 - Basic roles shall not be allowed to be deleted
743377 - RFE: add deployment status to pool score cards
750957 - [Design Check] As pool created, switched to pool view, I wanted to create multiple pools not switch
751088 - [RFE] configserver cannot run w/ conductor on the same box
760592 - 401 Error during post request
767323 - deployable uuid improperly validated before delete
781604 - hitting "enter/return" in search field in IE8 does focus in search tab..
782768 - Typo: deleted should be replaced by delete.-deleting hwp1 hardware profile
782922 - Config server should not support neutered oauth POST/PUT requests
783128 - rename "image URI" to something more obvious/clear
783218 - Failure to launch (start) a multiple assembly deployable to rhev-m
784108 - Standardize views and buttons when a non-admin user views an admin page
786123 - audrey doesn't startup in fedora 16
786205 - [RFE] Enhance Audrey RPM install its own sensible modern startup code
786535 - RHEVMBackendException:Cannot run VM .... not enough memory
788081 - RFE : User shall also be able to view the roles and permissions it has
789163 - traceback during audrey agent launch in vsphere
790817 - Add tooltips for the scoreboards on Pools Index and Pools Details pages
797298 - Minor typo in aeolus(1) man page
797993 - Insufficient error checking for config server
798516 - admin shall not be able to revoke its own role of "administrator"
798570 - French : Buttons in Filter View Instances are not aligned
798800 - aeolus-configure failure on F16
798960 - After Session time out any activity on cloudForms should reload the url of login page
799058 - first attempt to login always fails after hitting the logout page
799814 - No validation for "aeolus-configure" command
799981 - Push all button visibility conditions
800057 - aeolus-cleanup doesn't clean up /var/tmp and /var/lib/iwhd/*
800273 - Cancel button on "New component Outline" page should launch the "Clouds" Page
800277 - "Return to default cloud" link should change to "return to cloud" on New component Outline page
800517 - French: missing translation causes broken styles
800898 - Detached catalogs are getting listed while creating "application blueprint"
801527 - wrong error message when imagefactory is down
801825 - detect_locale should handle a wider range of strings
801861 - Parameter mismatch in returned parameters caused deadlock
801927 - grammar issue in aeolus-image build -h
802571 - Scalability Testing: 150 + users logged into, and deploying instances from, one conductor instance results in "Response code: 503" - Response message: Service Temporarily Unavailable
802772 - Scalability Testing: conductor/deployments shows only 30 rows ... no link or indication that more deployments exist
803106 - Scalability: Component Outlines tab in /conductor/pool_families is slow when there are a large number of images
803330 - Wrong application title display
803690 - Scalability Testing: Single user logged in can see pages paint if conductor database is loaded up with users, deployments, images
803955 - French :Last updated value in accounts detail page misaligned.
804543 - Building image from cli with a template without rootpw fails
804697 - User status: Inactive option does not function
804737 - rpmdiff: Improper patch call in specfile
804985 - Twice displayed providers on Image show page
805134 - Resource zone quota not displayed correctly
805171 - various deltacloud exceptions while working w/ vsphere
805224 - Repeatedly clicking "restart" for an application triggers errors in vsphere
805537 - aeolus-configure -p rhevm fails if the admin password is not the default one
805909 - pagination should handle deployment deletion
806001 - aeolus-configure will always create an admin user, need to key of a uuid not name
806053 - configserver does not handle 302 properly
806294 - API_PROVIDER from /etc/sysconfig/deltacloud-core is by /etc/init.d/deltacloud-core
807107 - No notification when instance can't be launched because quota is reached
807121 - French : Displaying variable for environment in the "Properties" section of a component outline
807267 - aeolus-debug is broken.
807280 - Execution Expired is displayed in UI when clicked on Push All.
807664 - Text pool should be replaced with zone.
807745 - "Global image Administrator" is unable to import image
807752 - Should display appropriate error message when "Global profile user" tries to delete HWPs
808026 - IE8:Enable/Disable provider status icon overlapped
808031 - "global provider user" is unable to view the provider accounts
808053 - RFE: Cancel button required in Edit User page.
808338 - IE8:Wrong value displayed in properties for multi instance deployment.
808393 - Ja and fr:no special chars error needs translating.
808398 - Japanese: All Pop ups needs translation
808403 - Japanese: Filter list needs to be translated to Japanese.
809181 - Config service default for continue prompt incorrect
809621 - Conductor shouldn't attempt to deploy if configserver is unavailable
809722 - Error "Missing template deployables/show with {:handlers=>[:builder, :rjs, :haml, :rhtml, :erb, :rxml], :locale=>[:en, :en], :formats=>[:json, :js, "*/*"]} in view paths "/usr/share/aeolus-conductor/app/views" on conductor
809760 - French - Button names to be translated to French
809787 - Reference to "deployable" should be changed to "Application blueprint"
809894 - clean up error message for hwp insufficient permission to launch
810876 - Long Cloud Resource Names overrun display areas
810919 - Monitor Overview Page - Instance and Application numbers are not updated with page refresh
810957 - /conductor/images page does not auto-refresh to show new available images
811639 - 'No users selected' error when changing the same 'Role Assignment' in two different browsers
811852 - Exception on conductor when tried to create a new image from wrong URL
811890 - Tool tip -Reference to "pool_family_name" and "realm_name" should be changed to corresponding product names
811908 - IE9 -Button border needs to be in Oval shape
812740 - Unable to delete the images under a deleted cloud
812915 - Audrey agent fails to connect to config server openssl self signed cert issue
813147 - Header message needs to be fixed while uploading an invalid xml in application blueprint
813177 - French-Tool tip messages should be translated
813218 - Component Outline Id should be renamed to image UUID in import image tab
813541 - RFE - Enable application status filtering in web-ui
813634 - Japanese : "Choose a provider" needs to be translated to Japanese
814581 - Confirmation Message on delete application blueprint from top right delete button is missing translation
814586 - VM Status like 'pending' 'stopped' should be changed to Japanese
815304 - Validation required for "-E, --environment" option of aeolus-image list
815328 - "-I, --image and -B, --build" options for aeolus-image delete require validation
815357 - Display appropriate error msg when the option "-z, or --no-validation " was given with aeolus-image build command for a wrong tpl file
815746 - man "aeolus-image" needs to have a man page entry
815783 - Allowed to launch instance even after removing one of the launch parameter
815784 - "Total" should be replaced with "Cloud quota" or something more intuitive under Clouds Page
816054 - "#<ProviderAccount:0x7fb4b47776b0>" is displayed in UI when provider quota is enforced.
816170 - "undefined method `environment' for nil:NilClass" when accessing a deleted image
817114 - deployable: service component in one assembly affects other assemblies
818121 - Build/Push button available for deleted imported images.
818124 - EditXml of an application Blueprint with deleted image shows : "Missing template deployables/show..."
818750 - "aeolus-image list --images --environments=<env>" can't handle spaces in <env>
819059 - When importing an image - form fields are not stripped of whitespace
820390 - Launching an AppForm with specific characteristics causes error
820401 - Component Outline changed to Image for GA
821341 - Error messages needs to be in synced in UI and CLI
822139 - [RFE] Need Support for Rhel 6.3 JEOS image
826113 - New Image : Upload and URL option does not show any error message when accounts are not mapped to the cloud in which images are being launched
826123 - Scalability: Catalog Images tab, /conductor/pools/1?details_tab=images&only_tab=true, is slow
827562 - Upgrade from CloudForms 1.0 to CloudForms 1.0.1 requires additional data definition not provided by rails migration
827587 - aeolus-configure modifies /etc/ntp.conf causing some lookups to fail
828476 - [RFE] Provide example target_content.xml
828515 - [RFE] Verify aeolus-cleanup command should be run
828519 - [RFE] Support fetching scripts via HTTPS
829418 - Typo - "Red Had" in installation guide
830987 - RFE: aeolus image build option --template should take a URL to match conductor "From URL" option
831057 - Displaying long error message on clicking monitor page for Global profile user
831091 - Total Quota usage is not getting displayed
831577 - user data are not passed when creating an instance
831626 - Pretty and filter view toggle buttons are non-functional (Chrome and Firefox)
831645 - Audrey Agent Fails to Access RHEVm User Data
831687 - Warning symbol displayed in flash message when it shouldn't be
833767 - Deployable parameters, in the Aeolus "Launch" screen, are visually misaligned
833815 - Reference to Application in error message should be changed to Application Blueprint.
835151 - configure errors after upgrade
835707 - "\n" in text displays and broken links in Conductor GUI on Fedora 17
836582 - Deployment IP address not displayed until page refresh
837027 - Reference to "Pool" should be changed to "cloud resource zone"
837556 - [RFE]-Auto-restart the running processes after upgrade
837799 - Application blueprints Search functionality not working
838118 - Admin user is not created after running "aeolus-configure -p rhevm" but is created after running "aeolus configure"
838726 - Failed deployments can't be removed
838938 - User Groups search displays "The action 'filter' could not be found for UserGroupsController"
838939 - Clicking on Global Role Grants displays "invalid permission object type".
838955 - Provider account "Role Assignments" shows incorrect page
839145 - New image creation with blank name and templates displays "undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass".
839323 - imagefactory needs to be sure kvm modules & services are in place
839474 - User Group name displayed outside the form in edit user group page.
839504 - Clicking on username in usergroup page is redirected to blank page.
839945 - Pretty view button in Logs not working
840261 - Japanese: translation bug in /usr/share/aeolus-conductor/config/locales/overrides/ja.yml
840875 - Clicking on usergroup name launches user detail instead of usergroup detail page.
840882 - Log button throws "PGError: ERROR: column reference "name" is ambiguous" for non admin user
841028 - Provide Information about missing parameters when services fail
842313 - Instance state is misrepresentated with green color and in instance history for a instance in create-failed state
842553 - Provider page in webui throws "Missing partial charts/time_chart with {:formats=>[:html], :handlers=>[:mustache, :rjs, :rhtml, :erb, :rxml, :haml, :builder], :locale=>[:en, :en]} in view paths "/usr/share/aeolus-conductor/app/views"
843074 - Log graph plots negative value
843079 - Application status set to "Some instances are not running" even when the instance are stopped
843181 - temporary-administrative-user-xxx remains after aeolus-configure
843671 - internal server error when non-admin user click on providers
843801 - User should not be allowed to set "To" date lesser than "From" date on Log Filter
843851 - "Url translation missing" error when adding a new provider
843932 - UI is quirky with users with no real name
844634 - Front end relam, HWP details are not captured in log detail page
847373 - configure cannot create admin/temp-admin users
847399 - changes needed around admin users
847798 - prevent editting provider name
848445 - provider api bad error messages
848472 - provider api create with bad type id defaults to vsphere
848633 - Displaying "translation missing: en.strategies.strict_order.name" for the Strategy name
848671 - Prevent duplication of priority group name and score
848755 - undefined method `provider_account_path' for class
848812 - Logs: Orderby "Provider" is not listing "Provider" details in alphabetical order
852205 - unable to delete provider with stopped instances
852400 - aeolus-upgrade fails to start postgresql and conductor-delayed_job service
852509 - aeolus-check-services always returns 0, no $RETVAL
852511 - aeolus-services prints "stoping <service>" instead of "stopping <service>"
852531 - Conductor should redirect you to last-accessed page on forced login
852866 - aeolus-upgrade hits "aeolus-services: unrecognized service"
853126 - add support for vsphere clusters
853939 - Error on click of "logs" button
854145 - The penality for strategy is not using the limited time frame for failure count
854382 - first profile passed to configure fails
854669 - aeolus-configure should not set the httpd LogLevel
855351 - aeolus-configure fails to complete on base RHEL 6.2
855717 - Deployments launch fails with error "undefined method `minutes' for nil:NilClass".
855866 - aeolus-configure fails - postgresql-setup not available in RHEL
855986 - thin fails to start -- /usr/share/aeolus-conductor/vendor/provider_selection/strategies/strict_order/strict_order.rb missing
857009 - Tag <br/> displayed in header message while deleting multiple pools.
857042 - Attempted to update a stale object: Instance displayed while trying stop instance from a disabled pool.
857168 - configure error with postgres
857171 - [UI] IE8 fixes on Login and Header
857427 - Wrong status displayed for "conductor-delayed_job" service on rhel
857434 - Logs:Apply filter on pretty view of log throws error on rhel
857489 - [UI] My Account link in Header unneeded
857542 - RHEV instance stopped but displays 'running' in deployment view
857551 - Remove unsupported cloud provider types 'Rackspace' and 'Cloudstack'
857827 - Text Cloud displayed twice in Cloud resource providers Tab
857893 - Wrong label displayed for the cloud name on "New cloud" page
857910 - Reference to upstream names should be changed
858234 - "undefined method `xml' for nil:NilClass" when creating a deployment without selecting application blueprint
858253 - Member search fails in user group detail page.
858782 - aeolus-upgrade fails when upgrading from 1.0.1
858997 - [CFCE GUI] Unexpected code is displayed in the message "The Username or Password is incorrect, please try again." of CFCE Web UI page.
859439 - Missing translations in config/locales/default/
859503 - If launch is selected when an application named the same as blueprint already exists an error is thrown
859521 - errors with configure if provider already exists
859926 - Reference to "All Deployments" in Application filter viewing list should be changed to "All Applications".
859954 - Restart button is able to be clicked, but does not do anything for some providers
859998 - Disable edit user fields when in LDAP mode
860074 - [IE] my account and signout buttons look greyed out
860253 - CloudForms Cloud Engine not using branded Red Hat favicon
860314 - Application properties references pool vs cloud resource zone
860428 - duplicated step in deploy application wizard
860556 - Japanese : Bug tracking several pages , text needs to be translated to Japanese
860688 - New Deployments preset filter returns PG error
860715 - [upgrade] translation missing in the provider account creation page
860751 - %postun scriptlet fails for aeolus-conductor-daemons
860780 - output from aeolus-restart-services is misleading, reports both success and failure
860822 - aeolus-conductor RPM upgrade deletes settings.yml
861013 - [IE8]: Unable to view the provider selection strategy name
861116 - [RFE] end of upgrade script should prompt/mention start services
861418 - the 'Image UUID' label used in the image details page seams meaningless while the real image ID is missing
861471 - the deployable parameter's values passed via webui are not received by the audrey agent on the client
861483 - default user quota setting
861941 - Lowercase back button on deployments#launch_time_params
862295 - Improper workflow when back is selected on launch screen
862563 - "aeolus-image list --providerimages" fails
862858 - Colon needs to be removed from the output of aeolus-restart-services
863048 - Catalog selection is not getting updated
863055 - Image import is not working with "Cloud Resource Provider's Image ID "
863174 - Links to resources in API are inconsistent
863383 - Instances stuck in "New" status
864098 - `aeolus-services restart` does not restart conductor-delayed_job
864190 - aeolus-image list --providers returns empty list
864192 - aeolus-image list --accounts returns empty list
864513 - Error on click of "logs" button
864527 - aeolus-conductor should install converge-ui into a clean directory
864806 - Missing Tabs when clicked on grant access button of the deployable page.
864839 - "Cloud resource zone" label changed to "pool" after auto refresh
865548 - Cloud image list loads all images after 15 seconds
865559 - [IE] every page seems displays unsecured content being delievered error
865833 - prevent editting vsphere provider name
865861 - APIs to be introduced in 1.1 return incorrect status codes
867234 - "Po-header" text displayed in footer when translated to Japanese and french.
867353 - API:Creating a new Image with a single Target/multiple target not working with valid templates
867560 - "X-Deltacloud-Provider" string should not be modified
868252 - after an upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.1, the conductor-delayed_job service fails to stop/start
869480 - errors with while configuring providers
869484 - create/build image from aeolus-image cli failing
870166 - Update incorrect translations
871484 - Need logging when errors are caught adding ProviderAccount

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