Bug Fix Advisory rhevm-dwh 4.0.7 bug fix update

Advisory: RHBA-2017:0540-1
Type: Bug Fix Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2017-03-16
Last updated on: 2017-03-16
Affected Products: Red Hat Virtualization ( v.4 for RHEL 7)


An updated rhevm-dwh package is now available.

The Data Warehouse package provides the ETL process and DB scripts to create a
historic database API. Enables SQL BI reports creation for management and

Changes to the ovirt-engine-dwh component:

* This update explicitly sets the Java heap size. Previously the Java virtual
machine used a default size which could be 1/4th the size of the total virtual
machine memory.

The configurable DWH_HEAP_MIN and DWH_HEAP_MAX parameters have been added to the
DWH configuration file and set to 1 GB. (BZ#1416427)


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

For details on how to apply this update, refer to:


Updated packages

Red Hat Virtualization ( v.4 for RHEL 7)

ovirt-engine-dwh-4.0.7-2.el7ev.src.rpm     MD5: e900a0464d0ad0a215dc99758f6a8b86
SHA-256: 6e1823877e23c28ab8958f7a78dc272f2b1c9ab30d73ee33ec069ea1818016e7
ovirt-engine-dwh-4.0.7-2.el7ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: 860ea3d6f01e547b8d41f11e36f34abf
SHA-256: 5d23148570470823532d0579f286b75a9275b953ae43499e502cf98f08949316
ovirt-engine-dwh-setup-4.0.7-2.el7ev.noarch.rpm     MD5: a746d604f49c63cc540eb5d0ca583bb1
SHA-256: 92a418dc33c1d661f369a672900ee181a70b4ed8bcfbd0634a4084179dfdadc5
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Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1415628 - [DWH] Rebase bug - for the 4.0.7 release
1416427 - [downstream clone - 4.0.7] [scale][performance] Limit DWH heap size
1427146 - [downstream clone - 4.0.7] dwhd sometimes does not update the engine db before stopping

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