Bug Fix Advisory 4.0.7 - rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4 enhancement update

Advisory: RHBA-2017:0539-1
Type: Bug Fix Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2017-03-16
Last updated on: 2017-03-16
Affected Products: Red Hat Virtualization ( v.4 for RHEL 7)


Updated rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4 packages that add various enhancements are now

The Red Hat Virtualization Ruby SDK is a Ruby gem that simplifies access to the
Red Hat Virtualization API.


Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

For details on how to apply this update, refer to:


Updated packages

Red Hat Virtualization ( v.4 for RHEL 7)

rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4-4.0.7-1.el7ev.src.rpm     MD5: b0a508c3949c1a1d4c810f530c6e3489
SHA-256: 323ba4bd9f47e4453b1b116790750526a94c4f1175268159897be1582b35fccf
rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4-4.0.7-1.el7ev.x86_64.rpm     MD5: 6649cb117aaa27b7c7eececfc1df862f
SHA-256: 4a8ca3648bffd198575fb59e267a6a8bb540af9586513441d4028a4b95657af8
rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4-doc-4.0.7-1.el7ev.x86_64.rpm     MD5: e60c63833575ce54dc54d9363c77cdc0
SHA-256: eab821e455140b99070201c00e109035321d13b8785003ac83cf764c4b62fc5d
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Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1412542 - [BREW BUILD ENABLER] Rebase the Ruby SDK for version 4.0.7

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