Bug Fix Advisory ovirt-node bug fix and enhancement update

Advisory: RHBA-2014:0033-1
Type: Bug Fix Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2014-01-21
Last updated on: 2014-01-21
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3


An updated ovirt-node package that fixes various bugs and contains a number of
enhancements is now available.

The ovirt-node package provides the utilities and recipes used to create and
configure the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor ISO image.

Note: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor is only available for the
Intel 64 and AMD64 architectures with virtualization extensions.

Some of the highlights included in this release are:

* This feature enables iSCSI software root support by enabling a small footprint
installation on the physical machine. Root and HostVG can be located on an iSCSI
target enabling usage of small drives for installation. (BZ#520111)

* IPv6 support has been added to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.
The IPv6 function is enabled in the hypervisor TUI, and the NIC can receive IPv6
addresses. This is available in version rhev-hypervisor6-6.5-20131017.0.iso.

* A new feature has been developed, which is to create a new installer based on
the new TUI code-base. This has been done because the new codebase is more
flexible and supports features like response to screen resize request and mouse
input. The installer has been migrated to the new TUI codebase and utilizes all
its features. (BZ#911400)

* After successfully adding a host, the information for rhevm bridge was not
displayed in TUI. The TUI was displaying information for the em1 interface which
was not relevant. To fix this the following keys were added to let the TUI know
about the management instance which is managing the node, important NICs on the
system, and pages to be locked. (BZ#1017173)

* In previous upgrades cron was used to reboot the system. During the
installation process the installer wrote a new crontab file, but the installer
did not remove the crontab entry after an upgrade. This meant the system kept on
rebooting. To fix this, the crontab entry responsible for rebooting the system
is removed at boot, this ensures that the system is not kept in a reboot cycle.

* Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor now provides third party plugin
support, which allows independent software vendors (ISVs) to load applications
onto the hypervisor. This provides tools for developers to inject third party
plugins onto the hypervisor ISO image, to extend hypervisor functionality while
maintaining compatibility. (BZ#688331)

Detailed descriptions for other bug fixes and enhancements in this release are
provided in the Technical Notes book:


Users of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor are advised to upgrade
to this updated package, which corrects these issues and adds these

This ovirt-node package is included in the rhev-hypervisor6 package
associated with advisory RHSA-2014:0041:



Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to
use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3

File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 46e5a7188e0657e168e3e3270ef6b7b4
SHA-256: aef3885ca5950241759dcc705478781b222aaea44995568945dd2473302e2751
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: d654c329bf561b4dc173677ec8f2e98c
SHA-256: 1af0d800e830cb10e8b34676ed28c982a660d062448f53b9500ca8be33afac33
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 400981c2734104524fa105a217a68576
SHA-256: 7ea4cf06b3637322520bf4e76088d80bb243ee3132e52d7988db7e1bc087e214
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 6b0bf6f4b7627c93c4657c72173032b8
SHA-256: d45c7303397a709a4fa8ce1c9d4b5faafb9121547c03c9a93a2f6f082e56810c
File outdated by:  RHBA-2015:0128
    MD5: 0e0492277bd50921546091d760158e32
SHA-256: e7ded10bfd59469ee1d3eddaaccfb36662b9f5f93e07bbf0b17f6f642d142c2e
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 7a8d29a19f24c54886aa75e3ad6f9400
SHA-256: cc3266b6194cc7608fe122dff9bf825aa4667b318a8c20430961f06f3d2fd651
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: ae9927685bedbc568c67eeb14f9c18b9
SHA-256: 6997c34435b0109d658ee95b62813f770ad5fc8d44b893d159a4331f7971311d
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 5d84de8acda3ab7407108e6e673721cc
SHA-256: c8a374223c83b9d3014a6c50897976f67f05e3818c90680b07a3e6e7ac1a43a4
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 95414eab48b1c478ca2ee168d379cc5d
SHA-256: f114684bedb42399c3cecb3299e275120dfd3f7c51a0272f290011459892606e
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 155ff7c470955677460b7b5acaf9f50a
SHA-256: 7cc1ed2137c4624b77da178c64b71f12e7ad4511924d5d70a2e12b6ae0d7fdf9
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

1000867 - rhev-h will change the user custom keyboard layout into "U.S English" after reboot
1001004 - Miss package hdparm which is used in tune function file
1001468 - The bonding params need to be verified and adjusted if needed to prevent serious network degredations
1002357 - Color of enabled and disabled input widgets doesn't differ
1002832 - Change other NICs with the same configuration of IPv6 once you configured one NIC
1003489 - copy_dir_if_not_exist raises exception during boot
1006844 - Jump to plugin tab via TUI up error
1007148 - Should not change the others NICs with bridge when you only confiugred one
1007417 - RHEV 6.5 (20130910.2.el6) - add vdsm port on iptables
1008377 - rhev-h auto install failed during create_hostvg for iscsi boot
1008795 - Netconsole service do not work when server is setted up as ipv6 address
1008841 - Kernel panic during kdump when the nfs location is ipv6 address
1009221 - RHEV-H install failed via TUI & Auto
1012487 - Missing debug informations for installer thread
1012496 - Capturing stderr during transactions leads to an exception
1013547 - Add TUI information to log file.
1013766 - lldpad fails to start on RHEV-H startup
1014855 - edit-node man page missing uid/gid options
1016348 - Shown "None" for RHN configuration Transaction title
1016351 - TUI:need to fix missing rhn page refresh
1016373 - Met clear /etc/puppet/puppet.conf issue
1016386 - Missed persist puppet.conf in puppet_page.py
1016393 - puppet:Command 'puppet agent --test' returned non-zero eixt status 1
1016416 - [RFE] Add --shell option to edit-node
1016502 - No warning pop-up when set data size beginning with "-1*"
1016557 - RHN Transaction page throw exception when registering to SAM
1016619 - RHEV Hypervisor - 6.5 - 20130918.0.el6 - Network error after host approval (icmp blocked by iptables on host)
1016985 - edit-node:using --list-plugins option to list Installed Plugins incorrectly
1017029 - It will occur an error while pressing F8 and selecting journal(systemd)
1017104 - Could not use new password login after upgrade
1017514 - Miss SetKeyboardLayout action in upgrade progess
1017526 - virt-who is not built automatically in the RHEVH
1017539 - progress_page:missed persist /etc/vconsole.conf and /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
1017583 - Can't set data size to -1 manually during TUI installation
1018447 - There is a typo on TUI upgrade page.
1018452 - Typo in man page of edit-node of the explanation of --install-kmod
1018456 - Miss install OpenIPMI during installing ovirt-node-plugin-ipmi and start ipmi service when loading IPMI page
1019623 - edit-node man page missing --shell options
1020583 - Can't set swap and logging partition to 0 as the prompt inforamtion says
1020662 - The item of bond name could accept "bond10" although it prompt that this filed must be bond[0-9]
1020700 - dracut:FATAL:No netboot configured, bond is invalid when auto install with bond
1020774 - Register to RHN failed when auto install with RHN parameters.
1021321 - Blank page will show after switch to logging menu.
1021349 - Error version in /etc/system-release-cpe
1021353 - The grub miss the backup version after upgrade in uefi machines.
1021559 - snmp does not work
1022375 - Miss create "Data" logical volume when using the default value of "Data" in storage_vol_page
1022435 - Throw "argument 1 must be Entity, not None" exception when setting cim password
1023452 - Save the value of "Logrotate Max Log Size" into file "/etc/logrotate.d/ovirt-node" failed
1023642 - Throw "TypeError("The type (<type 'bool'>) of OVIRT_PUPPET_ENABLED" error when disabling puppet
1023644 - Miss disable_puppet function in puppet_page.py
1024672 - cim %post scriptlet fails
1026222 - Should not accept configure SNMP without provide password
1026647 - Better to disable "enter" button works for the fan status table of ipmi page
1032497 - Should be 'Tuned Confiugration' instead of 'tuned Configuration' in the performance page
1033508 - libguestfs doesn't work because it can't find a kernel in ovirt-node
1035111 - igb kernel module doesn't load after inserting MegaRAID kernel module in rhevh iso image
1036061 - [RHEVH] RHEVH upgrade failed ... ImportError: No module named puppet.puppet_page .
1048932 - Shared configuration keys to pass management informations
791111 - RFE: It would be better if TUI can fill the full screen.
811327 - RFE: enable ipv6 TUI
827358 - "Failed to read image" info show in grub if installed RHEV-H via livecd.
859364 - [RFE] Disable "Apply" until there is a valid input
871327 - "unlock" is not centered in ssh session
878776 - when install rhevh via TUI on iscsi storage,the description of storage is unknown.
879528 - There is redundant output when run multipath -ll.
881597 - [storage.py] Miss some log info in ovirt.log by using function "logging.info"
885850 - RHEVH iSCSI initiator name change not persistent until a reboot
885959 - Auto install RHEV-H failed into device that wasn't managed by multipath with "iscsi_install" parameter.
885961 - Auto install RHEV-H missed to create appvg with "iscsi_install" parameter.
886819 - Boot rhev-h failed with kernel panic after enabled iSCSI boot on Dell smbios 2.6+ machine
887253 - A popup should be shown in the installer when the user tries to continue without providing the current admin password
887744 - Validation process for "current password" still display "Current Password Invalid" when force cursor on the current password field.
890276 - A minor cosmetic defect occurs on man page of node-creator.
896532 - cleanup unnecessary yum related files from RHEV-H images
901428 - [RFE] Improve page load time for TUI installer
901438 - The IPv4 Settings changed from 'Static' to 'Disabled' and Protocol display none after register rhev-h to RHEV-M
901489 - Auto install RHEV-H failed with "storage_init=scsi:3600*" parameter after clean install rhev-h into that device.
901490 - Register RHN will fail after register satellite.
903947 - Auto install RHEV-H failed with "iscsi_install" parameter for this especial iscsi storage that need set initiatorname to discovery targets.
903989 - The second time kdump will failed and report "kdump NFS location cannot be empty" if choose kdump to NFS first time.
904044 - rhev-h still prompt that "Please input CA/URL" after configure "Satellite" without CA/URL and then configure "RHN"
906690 - The grub miss the backup version after upgrade in legacy machines.
907721 - The man page of edit-node miss some parameters info.
907806 - [RFE][RHEV-H 6.4]"Bytes Used" shouldn't be edited after disabled "AES-NI"
910816 - [RFE] node upgrade command-line interface
911398 - RFE: Develop a new setup UI for configuring RHEV-H
911400 - RFE: New installation TUI using the new setup codebase
911413 - RFE: Allow configuration via puppet
911414 - RFE: provide a way through the Config TUI to get diagnostic information
911677 - Lock page has no indication that a failed password was entered
911835 - Automated Installation parameters miss "AES-NI" and "NFSv4"
912024 - Improve man page of edit-node
912711 - RFE: Upgrade Enhancements for ovirt-node/RHEV-H
913338 - The device name of the second hard disk can't show in TUI installation process.
913579 - RFE:re-write rhn page for new UI
915765 - Kernel Panic when installing RHEVH 6.4 from PXE with vlan parameter
916498 - [RFE]red screen observed while clicking on "Flash Lights to Identify" button.
916514 - rhev-h produce the booting in 30...29...28...27...26 appending each line instead of replacing.
921023 - There is a minor typo on CIM configuration page
922772 - ovirt-node-2.6.1 based on rhel 6.3 repo can't auto install via pxe
924527 - Miss "splash.xpm.gz" in (hd0, 0)/grub/ after enabled iSCSI boot via PXE.
924528 - [RFE] Better to support "edit-node rhev-h-xxx.iso" for edit-node script
924531 - support iSCSI boot in UEFI mode machine
924575 - Auto install: Debug messages mess up on network page.
927543 - login rhevh as "admin" with correct passwd failed.
946994 - [RFE]Provide Validation process to check all services start success or not when configuring them in TUI.
947149 - logrotate.status: Read-only file system error: could not read state file, will not attempt to write into it.
947216 - persist command does not work on /etc/hosts file after reboot.
947807 - No space left on device message mess up the TUI
949574 - rpcbind can't write state files
950494 - 'nomodeset' miss in Basic Video when boot on EFI supported machine
950893 - remove existing efi entries when uninstall rhev-h in uefi mode machine.
951602 - RHEV-H environment is missing kernel modules, breaking kdump over network
955543 - [RFE]Rewrite "the reboot implementation" in ovirt_boot_setup(self, reboot="N") of install.py
956568 - Auto install RHEV-H failed with "storage_init=ata:ALL" parameter.
956963 - rhev-h produce the booting in 30...29...28...27...26 appending each line instead of replacing.
957098 - Useless options appear on ssh restart page
957273 - autoinstall password should be scrubbed before logging
957437 - it install failed on uefi machine after rebuilding the rhevh iso with the edit-node command.
957458 - RHEV-H title and manifest details info of installed plugins are overlapped.
959957 - Auto install RHEV-H with "BOOTIF=link" parameter, it will enter tui install process not auto install process .
960314 - autoinstall RHN registration shows package updates
960846 - Support to configure keyboard Layout for Automated Installation
960886 - [RFE]Enhance the function "_cleanup_editing" for edit-node
961331 - RFE: enhance CPE logic to support layered RHEV-H images
961706 - Auto install RHEV-H failed with "storage_init=/dev/sda,/dev/sda" parameter.
962610 - [RFE]Enable functionality "install" and "install-plugin" for edit-node
962737 - The file /etc/idmapd.conf will be incorrect if you configured NFSv4 Domain with the same words in /etc/idmapd.conf.
966863 - Useless character "H" appears on log view page when TUI installation failed.
967812 - It should be better to display completed when set Logrotate Max Size to five digits
967866 - Allow configuring bridgeless networks on ovirt-node
969988 - An exception has occurred when view installed plugins details
970015 - [RFE] The profile name should be displayed in Red Hat Network page
971673 - RHEV-H will hung for a long time if simultaneously operation the logging menu on local host and serial console
972309 - Error code show in ping test results page when input host length are more then 64 characters.
975285 - Delete option 'nomodeset' in kernel parameters for the selected boot option that wasn't marked Basic Video.
975291 - The boot option "Boot(Basic Video)" should not appear in Boot Menu
976342 - Rebase to ovirt-node-3.0.0
976446 - kdump fails to start on initial installation
978210 - Auto install rhev-h into uefi machine failed
978226 - TUI: NIC model always display "unknown" in Network page on Dell smbios 2.6+ machine .
980359 - Difference in the amount of CPU/cores retrieved.
980365 - Drop "Monitoring page" from ovirt-node downstream
980371 - An exception occurred when view "lsblk" diagnostic utilities in Diagnostic page.
980420 - Ping screen freezes when ping an unreachable target
980422 - Miss process to check "Confirm Password" keep the same value with "Password"
980451 - When configure NFSv4 domain, it will report an error
980452 - It reports an error when select Keyboard and Performance through ssh using wireless
980465 - The status of nic was shown "unconfigured" when configure nic with "static ipv4"
980783 - Better to disable the function "Kernel Dump" using "NFS/SSH" before configured network
980795 - enhance password tool with some usability fixes
981097 - Disable “Use Bridge” failed after configure nic with "Bridge"
981101 - Throw an exception "Unknown network interface: 'bond0'" when selecting a bond to configure.
981142 - [RFE] Need indication when press F2 key
981145 - Command "less" doesn't work well
981168 - Change the Netmask into Prefix Length in IPv6 settings and using digital as its value
981169 - Configure nic with "vlan" failed .
981265 - Should be better to use seperate line to display Rsyslog and Netconsole instead of comma
981279 - Should use '[]' to separate ipv6 server and port number in status page
981554 - Throw an exception when configure "iscsi initiator name" with an empty string.
981576 - Miss validations for SSH Location when configuring kdump with ssh
981592 - Change "return" to "enter" in keyboard layout screen.
981596 - Disable F2 key when starting installing RHEV-H.
981597 - "PRODUCT_NAME" arguments not assigned in other device page
981606 - identify the existing configuration in keyboard Layout Selection page
981614 - Should replan which format of hostname is valid
982425 - The transaction page also shown info "(2/2) configuring SSH AES NI" when only configuring ssh password authentication.
982445 - It covers the orginal /etc/profile file when configuring AES-NI
982528 - "Press esc to quit" prompt doesn't show in console
982534 - TUI: Clean DNS server 1/2 failed
983449 - No “weak password" indication when set a weak password
984344 - Using "Require a password for the admin user" instead of "Require a password for local console access"
985228 - Can not synchronization the TUI between remote connection using ssh and local host
985275 - RHEV-H will hung on installation process if leave the password blank.
986830 - Support to configure logrotate maxsize for Automated Installation
988477 - color branding is missing from 6.5 hypervisors
988484 - cim and snmp plugin pages are missing from tui
988486 - lsblk diagnostic not working
988628 - USB Flash Drive install of rhevh created via dd fails
988666 - An error occurred while configuring puppet in transaction puppet page
988668 - TUI:miss "Reset" button for puppet page
988671 - TUI:miss colon for the Entry "Puppet Certificate Name"
988683 - cpe name incorrect in rhev-h 6.5 initial build.
988696 - Prompt FATAL to screen when change profile from spindown-disk to any one.
988712 - upgrade from RHEV-H 6.4 Update 4.2 to 6.5 latest via TUI failed
988723 - Auto upgrade from RHEV Hypervisor 6.4 to 6.5 will be failed because of a minimum required size of ROOT
989389 - Catch the "KeyboardInterrupt" when inputting "Ctrl+c" during configuring KDump SSH
989391 - TUI:need to fix kdump page refresh after save
989419 - Bond0 generated automatically when only create Bond[1-9]
989811 - Disable run setup in rescue mode
990965 - Report error when configure network with static IPv4 mode
991289 - edit-node can't install multiple packages as manpage said
991296 - The status of nic was shown "unconfigured" when configure nic with "static ipv6"
991353 - Serivce lldpad/netconsole fails to start during booting rhev-h
991375 - Should not accept the configuration when it is actually failed in Kdump
991408 - system: which() always return None
992916 - rhev-h will create a bond named "bond=bond0" when auto install it with "bond=bond0:eth1" parameter
993525 - Should not generate a iso file when installation is a iso file
994435 - Unable to add customised snmp Mib file to /usr/share/snmp/mibs/ location in the rhev-h. After persist also its not going to be available after reboot.
995700 - Met "nomodeset" spelling mistakes in efi boot configuation
998822 - Can't register to SAM when auto install RHEVH 6.4-20130815.0.el6_4
999348 - [RFE] Add TUI information to log file.

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