Bug Fix Advisory ovirt-node bug fix and enhancement update

Advisory: RHBA-2013:0556-1
Type: Bug Fix Advisory
Severity: N/A
Issued on: 2013-02-28
Last updated on: 2013-02-28
Affected Products: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3


An updated ovirt-node package that fixes various bugs, and adds a number of
enhancements, is now available.

The ovirt-node package provides the utilities and recipes used to create and
configure the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor ISO image.

Note: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor is only available for
the Intel 64 and AMD64 architectures with virtualization extensions.

This updated Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor package fixes
numerous bugs, and adds a number of enhancements. Documentation for these
changes is available in the Technical Notes document:


Users of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor are advised to upgrade
to this updated package, which corrects these issues and adds these


Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to
use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

Updated packages

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3

File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 948d6fe4dafc3d82ebc29a59a92dfd6e
SHA-256: 84a2e09ed3b22fabc52a6a8a40dd5477a3c360f916bdf75dc4865f53534444fd
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: ff2477178c6f528a2d6283378248da46
SHA-256: 8e0c6d7a16adba946ddea5561ad792ffbcead5573d0e17411e457249ca80c681
File outdated by:  RHEA-2016:1557
    MD5: 757f4fd6dacb0bf4c68cd559f89e381e
SHA-256: ab912b9797ac23bd4d22abd776caa95fa65e9dd11863c5f8b69b47d09078bb3b
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

Bugs fixed (see bugzilla for more information)

757631 - TUI:"Use arrow keys to choose option" miss if configure network with logical network in vlan ENV.
799708 - [RFE] Display CPU type + extended information on status screen
805789 - TUI: The URL and CA fields are empty after register to SAM.
811585 - need man page for edit-node script
811586 - need man page for node-creator script
816900 - There is a flash screen when move up and down between pages.
823646 - Revert delay on kdump bridge
823651 - RFE: add dup injection tool to RHEV-H
823735 - RFE: add tool to inject new rpms into rhevh
823736 - RFE: add yum to RHEV-H image for offline rpm installation
823738 - RFE: add ability to rebuild initramfs to plugin injection tool
823745 - RFE: edit-node tool should alter version information
823748 - RFE: edit-node tool should update manifest files stored in the iso image
823751 - RFE: plugin injection tool should keep records of changes in rootfs
823899 - RFE: Add tui screen to report plugin information
824621 - Revert dhcp backup changes
824800 - Ovirt log show the RHN proxy password in plaintext.
825146 - snmp auth cannot work with new passwd after some action
825160 - Change network with netconsole loaded cause kernel panic
825735 - RFE: Provide tui screen to set partition sizes
825955 - Unable to obtain SAM status after reboot host.
826461 - It would be better if the keyboard layout in alphabetical order.
826860 - Help rootnoverify info show in grub when edit kernel command line if install RHEV-H via livecd
826863 - Disable vlan id when set network to disable
826922 - rhev fails to boot from local disk under UEFI mode on DELL optiplex 990
827309 - ONBOOT parameter doesn't change to no after disable network.
827331 - RHEVH version info doesn't show in boot menu when boot from livecd in UEFI machine.
827333 - Console doesn't report failure reason when auto install RHEV-H to non-existent disk.
827383 - The default boot version is not latest one and the backup one boot failed.
827408 - netconsole doesn't work after configured in TUI
827713 - RFE: drop rhev-hypervisor-tools package
828142 - new password could be set even without enter old password in TUI upgrade
829193 - "Use arrow keys to choose option" prompt doesn't show in serial console.
829200 - Penguins pic show in uefi boot process.
829248 - the CIM and SNMP Password can be set successfully even passwords does not match
830004 - "Configuring the RHEV Manager connection" show twice in installation process.
830691 - RHEV-H TUI: Network settings get lost when configuring nic
831177 - rhev-h: the first parameter of storage_vol don't be effective any more
834166 - RHEV-H subdirectory lost in /var/log
834207 - RHEV-H installation process didn't filter out livecd device which managed by multipath
835495 - [RFE] -RHEV-H didn't filter out virtual network interface(vnet0) in Network page
837228 - Redundant "XXX" occurs on ovirt.log when register to RHN with invalid password
837249 - Ovirt log show the rhn proxyPassword in plaintext
837609 - Only show "Please input:-IPv4 Gateway Address" when setting "IPv4 address", "Netmask" and "Gateway" to blank
837614 - The "DHCP" should be marked "*" to show the network configured by using "DHCP" in network detail page
837745 - TUI: RHEVH can't display NIC model in Network page when configuring network with vlanid
837808 - TUI: better to display proxy and proxy port separately after register to RHN with proxy
843493 - [RHEV-H 6.3] TUI:better to keep Rsyslog and Netconsole can't be set before configuring network
846326 - ovirt-node: persistent libvirt network definitions do not persist after boot
847103 - Upgrade script should successfully terminate before reboot occurs
847515 - Not all required kernel modules are loaded for the sanlock to run (create NFS Storage Pool will fail)
847997 - RHEV-H upgrade failed in UEFI machine.
848991 - remove unneeded functionality in edit-node
852245 - the disable option should remain disable after apply the config in kdump page
854918 - "reset" jump to network interface configuration page
854925 - SNMP failed to auth if the password have space
855734 - [RFE] add configuration support for NFSv4 in TUI menus
856171 - Installer did not ignore the invalid device lead to a installation failure
857378 - RHEV-H create Volume group should only on user selected disk.
857846 - Configured a static ip for RHEV-H and registered RHEV-M successful, status page should display "static" not "none".
858196 - Disable network and press "apply" button in kdump menu will report "Kdump configuration failed, location unreachable".
858246 - CIM could not be set successfully after upgrading from 6.2 to 6.3
858258 - At the page of Kernel Dump behind "SSH Location (root@example.redhat.com)" lack of a colon
858629 - [RFE] Provide ping test on TUI
858651 - Network can be set by DHCP successfully, even with no IPv4 Settings is selected.
858983 - Nic driver change from bnx2 to e1000 after configured in vlan ENV.
858984 - [RHEV-H 6.3] NIC failed to up after configured it by using "DHCP" Protocol with vlanid and reboot rhev-h.
859352 - Invalid apply should not overwrite the previous kdump configuration
859389 - Manually mounting fuse client on RHEV-H gluster-virt ISO fails
859873 - The IPv4 Settings changed from 'DHCP' to 'Disabled' and Protocol display none, when update rhevh on rhevm
860279 - 3.1 - rhevm interface is removed together with other networks
860534 - Removing the content of NTP Server 1 will cause an exception and then lead to a blank page
860541 - [RHEV-H 6.3] Better to back into previous page after clicked "Back" button.
861311 - Interactive reinstall or upgrade rhev-h, at the page of configure password there is a truncated sentence on screen.
862351 - auotinstall fails to complete due to being terminated
863994 - '/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules' is miss on Dell smbios 2.6+ machine
865237 - RHN Registration fails with activation key defined via PXE
865564 - don't minimize dracut config
865687 - Set CA with the value which is the same as URL, RHEV-H hung on the window of "Applying Configuration".
865703 - Dracut module isn't working
866269 - rhn registration reports invalid credentials
866274 - cannot register to SAM using activationkey
866283 - Cannot persist: /var/lib/rhsm/productid.js when register RHEV-H to SAM.
866299 - [python code]Persist function "ovirt_store_config" still print info "Successfully persisted" when persisted the inexisted file.
866300 - [python code] Persist function "ovirt_store_config" persisted the list files failed.
866585 - Bootprotol is not shown for NICs with VLANID
867265 - [storage.py]Using function "cross_check_host_app" to check AppVG overlaps with HostVG failed .
867387 - Port mirroring is not working on RHEVH as some modules are missing
867746 - CIM Successfully Enabled even without a password.
867784 - [RHEV-H 6.4] The "DHCP" was marked "*" in network detail page if configured nic by using "static"
867832 - remove the validation when the object is blank
868194 - Option "Satellite" was marked "*" after registered RHN successful.
868199 - Use arrow key up and down across the field of URL or CA will lead rhev-h title disappear.
868200 - Select cancel but the ping still run and output the results.
868206 - [RHEV-H 6.4]Better to show that "Network Down, Configure "Kernel Dump" using "NFS/SSH" Disabled" before configured network
868209 - Value of 'Bytes Used' in Strong Random Number Generator can not display completely
868212 - Spell mistake in warning 'Please select a bigger drive o change the partition sizes'
868213 - [RHEV-H 6.4][RFE]Better to show an example about "NFSv4 Domain"
868215 - An exception occur when set partition size of Log as '0'
868258 - [storage.py]Using function "check_partition_sizes" failed to check "ROOTDRIVESPACE" is enough for "ROOT_NEED_SIZE"
868762 - [RHEV-H 6.4]The boot option "Boot(Basic Video)" should not appear in Boot Menu
868767 - [RHEV-H 6.4]Delete option 'nomodeset' in kernel parameters for the selected boot option that wasn't marked Basic Video.
868776 - [RHEV-H 6.4]Check "Available Space" and "Required Space" didn't work well on Disk Space Check Page during installing process.
868848 - Invalid value of Bytes Used is accepted and saved
869137 - Default partition size of Boot should be 50MB and Root(+Root backup) should be 512MB
869172 - [RHEV-H 6.4] Auto install RHEV-H failed to pvcreate HOSTVG after clean install rhev-h success via TUI.
869513 - KDump SSH can be set and saved without providing a correct password
869514 - Delete the first DNS server on TUI does not reflect in /etc/resolv.conf
869516 - Meaningless warning was given when set blank characters as ping test host
869537 - Without network set, ntp.conf couldn't be persisted
869631 - [RHEV-H 6.4]RHEV-H only use "Other Device" to create HOSTVG.
869866 - Error message shows if set NFSv4 as ' ' and apply
869927 - Option 'restore(local)' in KDump cannot be disabled after configuration
869984 - [RHEV-H 6.4]the netconsole didn't work although it's service still was running after reboot rhev-h
870314 - Host cannot show up on rhevm if hostname of rhevh is empty
870335 - When execute virt-who with -d option in a registered host via CLI, there is no debug info display
870427 - [RHEV-H 6.4]/etc/init.d/cgconfig does not work well.
870436 - Manually entered DNS server can not be removed. PEERDNS will always be set once it has been set)
870938 - RHEV-H 6.4]Failed to validate the validity and the retrieve of the Satellite CA path
871212 - [RFE] Atomic persist config file
871242 - [ovirtfunctions.py] function "unmount_logging_services" only stop the first one of the list services which keep /var/log busy
871651 - Provide a separate warning box when hostname too long
872062 - [RHEV-H 6.4] Option 'NFS/SSH' in KDump cannot be disabled after configuration
872083 - [RHEV-H 6.4]TUI: NIC model always display "unknown" in Network page on Dell smbios 2.6+ machine .
872114 - [RHEV-H 6.4]Auto install RHEV-H into usb device Failed to vgcreate /dev/HostVG after clean install rhev-h success into local device.
872115 - /etc/vdsm/vdsm.conf is miss after TUI install which will cause cannot install the host in RHEVM
872469 - Failed to store snmp password to /etc/snmp/snmp.conf when disable snmp.
872502 - Auto install RHEV-H failed with "storage_init=/dev/sda, /dev/sdb" parameter.
873115 - Logging partition size is always around 2048MB after install
873146 - TUI:The device name is not displayed in disk selection pages on storage device(3T) machine.
874377 - "Virtualization hardware was detected but is disabled" miss in TUI when disable Intel/AMD virtuallization support in BIOS.
874396 - An exception was shown after reboot rhev-h and register to same Satellite.
874530 - Kernel panic while rebooting after successfully installing RHEV-H
875061 - Add --no-check-certificate to the wget related to local_boot_trigger kernel parameter for RHEVH
876076 - rhev-h behavior should be consistent when upgrade it via cmdline and TUI/RHEV-M
876899 - Provide a Validation process for "Profile Name" when register Satellite.
878743 - An exception was shown when upgrade rhev-h via usb boot media menu
879498 - DNS info is missed after reboot rhev-h
879542 - Kernel panic occurs during auto installation if there were two PV existing
880030 - The /EFI/redhat/grub.conf missed backup version and the grub title does not update to latest after upgrade rhev-h via cmdline in uefi mode
880099 - need to unblacklist /usr/sbin/rpc.idmapd
880925 - Disk Details item still shows "/dev/XXXXX" device info When checking Other Device
880938 - Overwrite existed HostVG function didn't work during TUI install process
881536 - Debug messages mess up the screen when checking Other Device
881570 - Create HostVG cross 2 different disk failed by using "Other Device" item
883391 - Amount of loopback devices limits number of VMs that may run sysprep at the same time
885018 - cannot generate dump file when configure with local path
886390 - there is a ovirtnode.storage error shows on TUI installation page
887149 - An exception has occurred when view CPU details in RHEV-H host that doesn't support hardware virtualization.
887743 - Option "RHN" was marked "*" after registered Satellite successful
888650 - edit-node option "--XXXX=XXXX" is treated as a invalid option
889007 - Need change all of words about "retreive" into "retrieve " in rhn.py
890283 - Cancel the ping should return to network page
894228 - vdsm-tool report "ImportError: No module named semanage" during boot
895354 - unblacklist setools-libs-python and setools-libs since vdsm-tool requires it
895413 - Exception occurs when choose other device in TUI install
901473 - The /EFI/redhat/grub.conf missed backup version after upgrade rhev-h via rhevm in uefi mode
902677 - Miss /etc/init.d/rpcbind service in rhev-h 6.4.
903398 - The iscsi initiator name is being modified during a RHEV-H upgrade.

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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